What If ‘La La Land’ Were A Pixar Movie? – The Pixar Detectives


This week, The Pixar Detectives (Jon Negroni and Kayla Savage) went live from Lake Tahoe (live audience for the win!) to illustrate La La Land as a Pixar movie, taking your suggestions along the way for other Oscar movies deserving of the Pixar treatment.

Kayla walked us through tons of illustration tips, the devices we used, the app you’re seeing in the video, and more. And as always, we read your comments live and did a short Disney song challenge at the end of the show to close everything out.

Oh, and we gave away a Pizza Planet T-Shirt! If you want to enter our weekly giveaways, be sure to tune in live every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. (Pacific). Follow the link below or just click the video above. We give away Pixar-related goodies like shirts, books, blu-rays, and tons more. And we’re always open to new suggestions for prizes you all might be interested in!

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5 thoughts on “What If ‘La La Land’ Were A Pixar Movie? – The Pixar Detectives

  1. No Oscar Best Picture for you (The Oscars may have a bias against animation. Despite having its own awards category, it is only 16 years old and only 3 animated movies had been nominated, despite having lots of great animation) if you’re a Pixar Movie.

  2. Ah, but how would La La Land fit into the Pixar Theory

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