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With the New Year comes new changes to our podcast. Jon Negroni is starting a new podcast called Cinemaholics, leaving Maria as the new host of Now Conspiring. Not to worry! We are all still here, talking about our silly lives and all the things we love about movies. This week, Adonis tells everyone about the new play he is in and the gang discusses the main Oscar Nominations and who they think will take the golden statue home.

Question of the Week: What is your Oscar pick for Best Picture?

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This Week’s Cast: Jon Negroni, Sam Noland, Bridget Serdock, Maria Garcia, and Adonis Gonzalez

6 thoughts on “2017 Oscar Predictions – Now Conspiring

  1. Either Hacksaw Ridge or Manchester By the Sea are the ones I would want to see win Best Picture, but knowing the Academy, it’s most likely they’ll go with La La Land.

  2. La La Land for sure. Only two other films (Saving Private Ryan and Brokeback Mountain) have won the Critic’s Choice, Golden Globe, and PGA awards and lost the Oscar.

  3. La La Land is definitely going to win, but I saw MatPat’s video on predicting the Oscars, and based on what he said in the end, I feel like Best Picture is going to be an enormous upset waiting to happen, just like in Spotlight. His advice: follow the guilds (Actors, Writers, Producers, Directors), check Twitter Trends, and most importantly, check Google Trends (Spotlight won Best Picture thanks to the recency effect. Many people already saw movies like Revenant and the Big Short before nominations, but not Spotlight, meaning that more people watched Spotlight more recently and voted for that.)

  4. The quality is so high this year that I could happily see a number of them win! I’d pick La La Land for Best Picture, but would be equally delighted to see Moonlight take it

  5. I like your predictions!
    I have some of my own in my blog 🙂

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