Ep109: The Arrival of Moana’s Beasts and Where to Find Them


And we’re back. The Now Conspiring hiatus is over, and we have a lot to talk about, like how much we like (and dislike) some recent movies and TV shows. ArrivalMoana, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them are all highlights, but as always, Sam talks about something I’ve already forgotten about.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Did you watch Doctor Strange and if so, did you like it?

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00:00:00 – Introduction and announcement.

00:04:15 – Sam talks about Moonlight.

00:07:05 – We talk about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

00:32:18 – We talk about Arrival.

00:47:25 – We talk about Moana.

This week’s cast:

Jon NegroniKayla Savage, Maria Garcia, and Sam Noland.

6 thoughts on “Ep109: The Arrival of Moana’s Beasts and Where to Find Them

  1. I never realized that you guys had already hit the two-year mark already. Congratulations! How time flies. It seems like only 1 year ago that I first subscribed. I’ve been listening ever since it was just Jon and Maria back in December of 2014. I listened as these two brought in permanent special guests that all forced their way into our hearts. It was fun to see the podcast evolve from only two hosts to 5 hosts and a couple of recurring guests. I know I’ve been absent the past few months, I let time get the best of me and I definitely didn’t have the time to listen to 19 missed episodes of Now Conspiring. I’m kind of sad that I missed those, but now I’m here to stay. To a healthy podcast life!
    To answer Maria’s question, the best part of this show is getting to hear all of your voices. For example, right now, the show doesn’t really have much of a structure except for two well-defined segments (Feedback for the majority of episodes, and Show and Tell, but even that foundation is a bit questionable). The chemistry in the cast and hearing it bounce from speaker to speaker is just great.

    To answer the question of the week, I haven’t seen Dr. Strange yet, but hopefully I’ll get to it this weekend. I’m at that point where made of the mistake of starting five different television shows at the same time, so now I can’t get out of this grave.

  2. I have seen Doctor Strange and I loved it. It’s probably my 5th or 6th favorite MCU film (better than The Avengers, as good as Ant-Man, and not as good as Captain America 2 or 3, Iron Man, or Guardians of the Galaxy).

  3. Hi guys I can’t believe it’s been a month since the last episode, but that’s okay just take your time. I have not seen doctor strange yet though he is legitimately one of my favorite superheroes, ever since I watched super hero squad.
    I have one tip to make the show even better, you guys should gather all of the conspirerers and have a now conspecial, it would be an episode twice the length of a normal episode and maybe have the now conspiring game show, you could do it like once a year.
    And now my show and tell which is kind of two things. First of all I listen to you guys mostly before I go to sleep and while I’m sleeping but recently I had a dream while I was listening to you guys that I was in a room and all of you guys were there and Jon, Sam, and Adonis were recording an episode in the corner of the room but Jon was also right in front of me. While Jon was in front of me I started to tell him my comment but then I woke up.
    Also I’ve been watching doctor who season 9, I don’t if you guys are into doctor who but it’s on amazon, and a great entry point is season 6 episode 1, I think it’s a great show that you guys would enjoy too.
    One last thing, do you guys think I would enjoy Moana? Because a hated frozen.

    • Also Jon, you left Bridget off of the cast list.

  4. Hi guys! I love listening to this podcast because it provides a bunch of neat input to movies, which I care a lot about, and it’s awesome because I’m into all these movies mentioned. Love hearing about Moana.
    As for Doctor Strange, it was definitely one of my favorite Marvel Movies, just under the Avengers movies and the Captain America ones. It felt a lot like a much improved Iron Man (Rich dude with sick facial hair gets hurt and suffers from it, then gets a superpower/supersuit). SPOILER ALERT: But instead of keeping all that money, Strange loses it all, and never does find a way to heal his hands–which I felt was a way better story. Plus: the romance isn’t in the typical Marvel style, which I appreciated. It felt both different and original, and definitely one of Marvel’s best.

  5. I really liked Fantastic beasts, because unlike the rest of the HP series, it’s unknown territory. Even if you thought newt was dry the next one will hopefully focus on dumbledore and his relationship with grindlewold.
    I have also watched Before Sunset, but fell asleep, it wasn’t for me.
    Dr Strange was really good. Simple story and a good start to expanding the MCU.
    Scott derrickson should direct the next Green Lantern movie… or one of his crew.

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