How ‘Big Hero 6: The Series’ Could Bring Back Tadashi

Big Hero 6 is being made into an animated series on Disney XD, set for sometime in 2017. For those of us still hoping for a Tadashi comeback, this is a good thing.

You can read a full transcription of the video above here

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6 thoughts on “How ‘Big Hero 6: The Series’ Could Bring Back Tadashi

  1. So exciting! And I think they will bring him back – I thought they were going to bring him back at the end of the movie because no body almost always means no death

  2. Great video Jon, keep these coming. Hope you do a Moana video soon.

  3. Great video! I really hope Tadashi comes back, because he’s one of the best characters. Disney killed him despite of this, so they’d better have a good reason for doing him in (and not just because Hiro needed a superhero tragedy, because his parents died, and that’s tragic enough).

  4. #Update
    It’s Oct 2020. There are three seasons of Big Hero 6 and Tadashi has not returned. This is causing me to doubt that this return will ever happen. 🙁

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