Ep108: Logan Jackman


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This week on the podcast, I had a hearty chat about new trailers (LoganGuardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, and Red Dead Redemption 2). Plus, we used Show & Tell to talk about The AccountantMascotsThe Thing, and more.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Are you excited for the Nintendo Switch, and if so, what are the games you think should be made for this? (Kayla: design your own!)

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This week’s cast:

Jon NegroniKayla SavageAdonis Gonzalez, and Sam Noland.

18 thoughts on “Ep108: Logan Jackman

  1. Yay. First comment. Anyways. Thank you for reading my huge comment last week. I don’t know the Nintendo switch sorry.

    Who will you vote for? I don’t care about the election myself. I’m going to vote for Gill from Finding Nemo. If he can expertly lead a bunch of fish then he should be able to lead a country at least better then a lot of people now a days I mean Obama, Bush, Trump/Clinton… We haven’t had a good president (that I know of) since Lincoln. Gill anyways would make an awesome president. Not like those people who vote for Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse.

    Have a good week.

  2. I almost DIED when I heard Sam as Dash’s teacher.

    • What is up with the elephant on the podcast cover? Is that Adonis’s stuffed animal?

  3. Hi guys, first of all I am a lot like ,Sam, but I am a gamer and love superheroes. I, personally am a Nintendo guy, I love Nintendo and my and my brother are going to pre order the switch. Another thing I only like the original Xbox the other ones in my eyes are shooter game players and nothing else. They have overrated graphics that they brag about. When they try to do a cinematic game they kind of fail in the cutscenes and in games like uncharted those kind of make the whole game. A good Xbox one games mirrors edge catalyst, which is a great game but the cutscenes just kind of, suck. The characters don’t look realistic at all and they barely ever blink. As for Sony, I love the PS4 and its games. There is a balance in systems of games where some are gimmicky and others have good games. Take for example, the 3ds and Wii U. The 3ds a really good system, where the main gimmick, the 3D, sucks but its successful just because it has good games. The Wii U on the other hand is very gimmicky with the game pad, and barely has any good games and is not successful. The switch I think will crush Xbox but not match Sony. Sony, with PS4 vr,the cheapest vr system will have no problem defeating the oculus rift that costs $2200. And finally the switch defeating the Xbox because it has gained half of the game developer support of Microsoft plus Nintendo games and it can switch between portable and home console. The odds are kind of stacked up against the Xbox one Scorpio, I swear that’s the stupidest name ever, and people were complaining about the name switch.as for the games I want breath of the wild but I am also expecting a really solid harvest moon and animal crossing games two awesome game series that are kind of dull to others but I think need more recognition in the switch.
    As for the Logan and guardians trailers. I’m not really interested in wolverine, and I still have to see the second half of guardians of the galaxy.

                      Also I want to recommend the Rhett and link documentary finding ms Locklear its about them finding there first grade teacher who introduced them. It's amazing but unlike buddy system and good mythical morning it's not a comedy, but there is funny moments. 
                       And the short borrowed time, by 2 Pixar animators, is sad, and darker than Pixar has ever gone, but I really recommend it.
  4. Question of the Week: I don’t think I’ve ever been excited at the announcement of a console by itself. What really gets me pumped about the console is whatever game is going to come out for the console. With the Switch though, I see buying it a few months after launch to play the new Zelda game that’s going to come out. What I really want to see though is a new Punch-Out game. Those were really fun and we haven’t had one ever since the early days of the Wii.

    And if anyone could give me a brief summary of anything major that’s happened in the podcast since May, that’d be great.

    • We stopped talking about news and now we talk mostly about random things. Every so often, myself and Jon will spend about 15 minutes talking about our favorite Akira Kurosawa movies. As of now, the known NC crew celebrity crushes are:
      Maria: Benedict Cumberbatch
      Adonis: Chloe-Grace Moretz
      Me: Anna Kendrick
      Jon: N/A
      Kayla: N/A
      Bridget: N/A
      Jenny: N/A
      We’ve been throwing around the idea of an NC convention called “NowCon” for awhile, while simultaneously bashing Iowa’s annual “CornCon.” Everybody, including me, took an online test to find out what sort of wispy animal comes out of a wooden stick to frighten hooded figures away, Toolbox Man is slated to make his screen debut in 2018, The Now Conspirer made a surprise appearance, Now Conspiring is secretly sponsored by Wendy’s, Bridget is sarcastic, Jenny has a loud door, Adonis is Adonis, and I say “What’s the deal?” a lot. Some would say too much. Also, Dr. Phil is overdue on his rent, and Bridget and Jenny met in person.

      • So not much has changed then…

  5. Darn it Adonis, why!?!?
    And Jon. What’s the deal with accurate costumes? I personally love making my costume as accurate as possible. Also, why do you insist on pronouncing AT-AT wrong? Great episode as always, but are you guys ever going to to talk about the POTCDMTNT and final RO1 trailer?
    Also you should check out the Borrowed Time short, I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂

    PS. My celebrity crush would be Emma Watson.

  6. Why do the emojis always do that?

  7. Hey guys follow up question: What is your favorite Eeveelution (Eevee evolution) for those who don’t know there are now:
    Flareon Fire Type
    Jolteon Electric Type
    Vaporeon Water Type
    Umbreon Dark Type
    Espeon Pyschic Type
    Leafeon Grass Type
    Glaceon Ice Type
    Sylveon Fairy Type

    Mine is Glaceon because it knows some good moves and is the most creative name

    What Eevee type do you want to see next? Personally I want a Ghost type or a Dragon type.

  8. So it has now been two weeks since the last podcast, and two weeks since the last Pixar Detective. Will they be back soon?

    • The podcast is on hiatus because everyone has been unusually busy, and we’re in a period of transition with the show.

      As for The Pixar Detectives, that’s been going on every week on Super News’ Facebook page. I haven’t been updating on here because I’m not sure this is the best platform for a live show, even after the fact, at least not every week. Though giving this another thought, last week’s episode is definitely a great one that I’ll add shortly.

      • Thanks for clarifying, I was a bit worried. Any guess when it will be back? Thanks.
        Also, thanls for continuing to update the Pixar Detective, it’s a lot easier for me to watch on this site.

  9. Glad to hear you guys are alright. I got worried for some reason even I don’t understand. Have a good week!

  10. I thought I had completely missed something when the “hiatus” started I thought I missed some sort of announcement and was super confused. I’m glad to know that you are all still alive(somewhat). Also Hi.

  11. Um, if you could read this I would love and appreciate it. Was I the only one who was scared of the Cars 3 trailer? Was that official or some fan-made thing? If you could read this on the show I would love it because I need to know to settle my crazy imagination down. Also, what’s up with Pixar now adays? They made amazing movies (including cars 1) until Toy Story 3. Then they messed up with Brave and Monsters University seemed like a better movie but it just didn’t work. (Yes I do enjoy Cars 2.) Then they got off their crack and made Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur, and Finding Dory all masterpieces. But now, WTF!?!?!?!? Rom-com Toy Story 4? Slasher film Cars 3? WHATS GOING ON!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Just make awesome kid movies!!!!!! Don’t worry about “keeping up with the times”!!!!!!!! Be your self! Be unique! Don’t be a sheeple following the currrent just because it’s ‘safer’!!!!!

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