Ep107: Wild Wild Westworld


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This week on Now Conspiring, we briefly talk about Birth of a Nation and Westworld, when really, we just spent most of our time laughing at the plight of Adonis (you’ll see).

There were a lot of topics brought up, actually from the crisis of clowns to a detailed look at Close Encounters. What this episode lacks in focus, it makes up for in…a lack of focus.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What are you going to be for Halloween, and what do you want us to be?

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00:00:00 – Life is a Batman movie.

00:13:33 – Show and Tell: Adonis fills us in on Mafia III and…the My Little Pony movie. Maria has finally seen Avatar the Last Airbender, Sam talks about Close Encounters and Birth of a Nation, Kayla goes crazy for recent cartoons like Steven Universe, and Jon talks about Westworld.


01:11:45 – Feedback: we answer your questions and comments from last week.

01:36:28 – Coming Soon: we talk about which movies we want to see next weekend.

This week’s cast:

Jon NegroniKayla SavageAdonis GonzalezSam Noland, and Maria Garcia.

24 thoughts on “Ep107: Wild Wild Westworld

  1. To answer the question of the week first I am probably going to throw together something like last Halloween, I had a Jedi cloak last time and only 5 people asked what I was and someone called me a jaws instead and finally someone got it sorta they said I was Ben kenobi. And about the wind waker, the legend of Zelda the wind water is my favorite video game ever. People think maybe the ocarina of time outclasses it but for one the great sea is a way better hub world than Hyrule field. And it’s way better than other games because it can give an almost as good as uncharted four story with half the graphics and no voice acting. And that to me outclasses every just abismal six hour campaigns in call of duty where the some plot is used every time (seriously watch the honest trailer) Rant over and apparently I am British now but I’m okay with that because then I can be the thirteenth doctor. Quick transition without a Segway, I recently listened to the spoilers section to your guys’s civil war episode since I only recently watched the movie. I feel like Maria no offense was kind of venting her opinions bout marvel more than the movie but she had a good point with ant man. I love the ant man movie but Paul Rudd is just not good in civil war, like only a quarter of his jokes in this movies were actually laugh jokes. Spider man in this movie , I am sure I am the minority on this but I thought he was awful. The actor is way to young and sounds more like a fifth grader than a high schooler. I also have little theory/prediction about homecoming, so you know how the original Spider-Man trilogy had three movies and everybody hated the third one and then the amazing Spider-Man came ,my personal favorite, and everybody hated the second one (which I liked) then the prediction I think that critics will hate the first new Spider-Man movie and it will not continue. I know that it is a crazy standing on one leg theory that will probably not be true like the on Adonis wrote but if I’m right…

  2. I think you all need to spend more time discussing Adonis’ comment about there being enough of you for a smash bros club. Who would win in a tournament? That’s a good debate

    • Kayla would totally win the smash bros battle of conspirers if she went with her batgirl idea.

  3. For Halloween, I’m thinking of going out as Tape Face from America’s Got Talent. You guys? Pixar Characters.

  4. Also Kayla if you buy comics for the art style then you should check out batsman or maybe it’s dark night: shaman it has a very interesting art style and the first issue is free on iBooks.

  5. I’m actually going as squirrel girl for halloween, and I totally agree with Sam about how bad the CE special edition is 🙂

  6. First of all, I’m very happy that Kayla is watching Steven Universe, because I am obsessed with that show. I’m also happy Maria is reading 2001, because I also love that book (even if the other 3 were a bit annoying). Lastly, I’m reading Saga for the first time and the art in it is absolutely amazing, even if it is a little odd at times.

  7. If the commenters want to respond as well as you guys that would be awesome. It would be awesome if you could read the entire thing. It is long but stick with me I put a treat at the bottom for you guys. So here’s the dealio. On I believe it was… Yeah it was Thursday night (October 6th) I couldn’t sleep and so since I had the next day off I thought “oh what the heck might as well see what this Zootopia movie is about and if it’s as good as people say.” so at 2:00 Friday (October 7th) morning I popped in Zootopia and watched it. And I have to say I loved it. I totally fell in love with the whole Judy and Nick relationship. I loved the conflict and the gags. I totally loved the Easter eggs I caught. I loved the setups and the climax was very much like Monsters Inc. (that’s not too spoilery. Right?) My favorite character was Flash the Sloth and the whole D.M.V. scene was easily the best part of the movie (What…do…you call a…three…humped…camel?). Just as a side note it was actually a cool scene to see as well because (Maybe you guys know a little a bit about this) but they actually animate movies in slow motion and speed it up to have the actual product.

    And just all in all it was just a very good movie it is my second favorite of 2016 (behind Finding Dory obviously) and is my 16th favorite movie of all time. Behind going from 15-1. Meet the Robinsons, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, The Good Dinosaur, Despicable Me, Kung Fu Panda, Ratatouille, Over the Hedge, Finding Dory, The Emperor’s New Groove, Up, Finding Nemo, Megamind, and The Lion King. And in front of movies like: Bruce Almighty, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Not the rubbish Johnny Depp one. Oh My God. Do NOT go there. Gene Wilder R.I.P. will always be better) Aladdin, Madagascar, Shrek, Wall-E, The Aristocats, The Jungle Book, The Lion King 1 1/2, Oliver and Company, Oliver!, The Road to El Dorado, Prince of Egypt, The Tigger Movie (Don’t diss it. That was an amazing movie), All Dogs Go to Heaven, Ice Age, Ice Age 2: the Meltdown, Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Disney’s The Wild (which I’ve also seen this weekend and gave an A+. Seriously why is this not a Disney classic? Neither is The Tigger Movie. Yet complete “bombs” like The Black Cauldron and Oliver and Company are considered Disney classics so maybe it’s just me. What makes something a Disney classic anyways what are the certain criteria you have to meet? Is it along the lines of being a Disney princess?), Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (No particular order).

    So over all I’d give the movie an A+

    (Favorites and grades may be subject to change and probably won’te be the same next time you read them.)

    Maria before you ask (if you were) I know a little bit about Mango and I can once and for all answer the riddle. Is mango a boy or a girl. I know the answer and mango is a…(drumroll please) fruit very much like a papaya from my understanding. And just like papayas unless your French you don’t assign something a gender unless it’s human and mango… Well the name says it all I think. She’s a mango and they don’t have genders. Now if you want to talk about Apples that would be a different story.

    Is the Now Conspirer O.K.? I felt really bad when I found out about the Dairy Queen dumpster and the whole time warp thing.

    What are your top 3 Pixar shorts and what movies were they with? Mine are 3. Presto/Wall-E, 2. Piper/Finding Dory and 1. Dug’s Special Mission/Up
    Also if I’m not too late I’ve been trying to figure out who the three characters who would describe me would be and I got hung up on a few so if I may bend the rule and do a few more that would be great so the characters who would describe me are: Gill from Finding Nemo, Flik from A Bug’s Life, Woody from all three Toy Storys, Lewis from Meet The Robinsons, Aladdin from Aladdin, Squirt from Finding Nemo, Simba from The Lion King, Shrek from Shrek, Hammy from Over The Hedge, Dug from Up, King Louie and Baloo from The Jungle Book (1967), Dipper from Gravity Falls, and Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter (All of which are most of my favorite movie characters.)

    Sorry for all the questions you can skip this one if you want and save it for next week I’m totally cool with that. What is your favorite GameCube game? Mine’s a toss-up of Tales of Symphonia, Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion and Mariokart Double Dash.

    Just one more question I promise: Would you consider doing Pixar Tonight as a podcast? I believe that will have to be the only way I could participate considering my awful Internet service and I’ll never be able to fix it probably. If so I would love that! B.T.W. I’ve always wanted to tell a podcast this: Don’t forget the Apple podcast App entitled “Podcasts” where you can actually download podcasts for offline listening. Unfortunately you can’t get all the Now Conspiring episodes like you can with some of the other ones. (Have Sam/Jerry Seinfeld read this next sentence) What’s the deal with that? Speaking of what’s the deal how is it that even ADONIS “POOL PARTY” GONZALES has had a girlfriend and I have been single since the day I was born? Seriously I have never had a girlfriend. I’ve never even been out for a fun activity with a best friend yet you guys are recording shows every week. Not to pinpoint only you guys you’re just the example.

    Sorry my comments so long I’m just excited to comment again and may have gone over board. I’m sorry if I got carried away I just get really excited and lose myself when I am. I have a whole bunch of other questions I want to ask you guys but I’ll save them for the next few weeks just know that in the words of Rafiki “The King Has Returned” and I’m glad to be able to Conspire and just plain nerd out with you guys again. I love you guys and you’re like a second family to me… Yes you too Adonis. It’s so good to see you again Mango you’ve always been my favorite co-conspirer. Now… What time is it? No Adonis not Adventure Time. It’s Gift Time!!!

    You see this summer not only have I been conspiring and making my own theory (of which I may bring up a few weeks from now) but I also got you guys gifts. (I only did the usual cast if you feel left out let me know and I’ll custom one for you it’s no problem). It’s not flashy or anything but I made it for my favorite people to pick on and hang out with:

    I figured out how to hashtag.

    I made one for Kayla:
    #Keep calm and keep animating

    One for Sam:
    #I do amazing Sampressions also What’s the deal with The Lion King franchise?

    One for Dr. Phil:
    #I think I’ve told you about iMessages? I want, I feel, I need? Now can I go?

    One for Bridget:
    #I wan’na be the queen of nerdom

    One for Maria:
    #Pokemon is overrated and I do YouTube stuffs

    One for Jon:
    #I will write a theory about anything I can

    And finally one for Adonis:

    • For Halloween I’m going to be a zombie nerd. Horn rim glasses. Khakis. Polo shirt. Zombie makeup.

      • Kayla, thanks for the shoutout about my theory I really appreciate it.

        • The full comment wouldn’t load I’m sorry. I agree it is amazing that I have worked on it this long but I guess I never payed attention since I loved doing it. I was inspired by the Pixar theory but I really started cracking on it since after I saw Finding Dory on opening night on July 17th. Over the course of it I kept thinking about giving up and thinking it was pointless and just plain would turn people off driving them away. But I kept my head up. Kept thinking positive and just powered through it and I’ve LOVED it. I never realized how much theorizing called out to me. Even though I’ve finished the “roughest draft” it’s actually a draft that is way in the distant past because I keep adding to it and revising it each time I do. I’ve just added in Cinderella and Luxo JR. I can’t give much details since I’m super paranoid someone going to steal my idea but let’s just say animation will never be the same again. I just need Jon’s approval because I’m going to incorporate pieces of the Pixar theory in it. Not the exact same way but enough so I can go off of it. Mostly just the order and one or two of the years. Soon Mango and T. Rooney are going to come back on board and we’re going to work on it together as a group. I came up with the idea of calling the group “the Conspiríos” because it combines Conspirer and Trio. I have to add the í to get it through my auto-correct actually. It also just looks cool. I’ve gotten hung up on a few movies mainly Shrek and Flushed Away so I’ve been waiting for the summer to be over so I could get my internet fixed so I could Conspire with the rest of the gang to figure it out. Over all its just really fun and I think we’ve become friends over the course of this. Sorry my comments so long. What I think you guys should be is:

          Gilbert Godfried

          A YouTube fan girl

          Rapunzel (Tangled)

          Steven Parker

          Just wear a T-shirt that says #KA3

    • Please skip the relationship question I was angry and I said the wrong thing.

  8. As requested, a song/skit of Kayla’s inauguration as POTUS. Not sure if you guys want to perform it, or if you want me to perform it as you…? Jon’s request was very vague.
    This is Jenny Pan, by the way. I finally got an account.

    To the tune of Right Hand Man from Hamilton:
    (I don’t really understand property rights, if this is sung will Jon get sued? Oh well.)

    Kayla Savage is on this podcast
    She was gone and she came back
    She was in Ohio, she came back
    She was in Ohio

    As a digital illustrator she can draw
    Which you would’ve saw
    If you checked out her tumblr at


    I wrote Pixar Theory
    But check out her art you’ll get teary at


    The commenters took a vote
    And if you will note,
    That they wrote for her to be


    [JON pauses, bewildered]
    No…guys… the line is president.
    You’re – you’re supposed to say president.
    …Because they voted…for Kayla…as president…
    Why is this so hard? It’s like you didn’t rehearse at all.
    Okay, let’s just start from “the commenters”.

    The commenters took a vote
    And if you will note,
    That they wrote for her to be


    Understand? She is now your-

    President! President!

    Here she comes.

    Here comes the President!

    Ladies and gentlemen!

    Here comes the President!

    The moment you’ve been waiting for!

    Here comes the President!

    From the internet, California!

    Kayla Savage!

    [KAYLA floats down gently as she cradles a baby unicorn in her arms]


    [The baby unicorn gallops away into the sunset]

    ….that’s all I got, folks.

  9. My ballot seems to have gotten lost in the mail, (A.K. A. I post my comments waytoo late) so i’ll copy/paste it here

    After much deliberation, I have decided to go with Maria Garcia as president, with vice president Sam Noland. The rest of you are great to, Adonis, please don’t kill me again.


    (Kayla was my second choice)

  10. And now, back to the regular question of the week.
    I am being an imperial officer, captain or commander, not sure which. I don’t have the money to buy the $1,500 Anovos version, so I’m sewing my own with a modded Civil War officer coat. I’m trying to be as accurate as possible, and I think that it will turn out great.

    As for you guys, I think:
    Sam: King Louie. (Jungle Book 2016)

    Kayla: Rapunzel. (Yes i got the idea from P1XRK1NG, but I think it’s a good one.)

    Jon: Lex Luthor from BvS. (Joking!)
    Flynn Rider.

    Adonis: That one guy who didn’t wear a costume to SDCC.

    Maria: Moana, maybe with a bird(fake) for Maui.
    (Bridgette, CJ, Will, Now, Jenny, etc. I don’t have time to think up costumes for you – no offense.)

  11. I don’t dress up for Halloween, put I’d love to see you guys as Pixar characters. Jon and Kayla can be Buzz Lightyear and Jessie, Maria can be Mrs. Incredible, Sam can be Dash, and Adonis can be Russell. Bridget could be Eva, and Jenny could be Walle. Also, guess why I chose these characters for each of you. ; )

  12. Oh, by the way, thanks for clearing up the ad issue, I think your right about the ad blocker. I wasn’t trying to complain, just confused. 🙂

  13. Why do the emojis keep changing???????????

  14. I just took a buzzfeed Harry Potter quiz and I am Ravenclaw. Sorry Jon.

    • And my next quiz is my patrons. I have a Jack Russell Terrier

      • My wand core is a Phoenix feather.

        • My broom would be the Cleansweep 11

          • My Hogwarts pet would be a owl.

            • My animals would be a cat.

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