Ep106: Luke Cage, Miss Peregrine, and the Now Conspirer

luke cage

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This week on Now Conspiring, Jon is joined by the infamous Now Conspirer to review Luke CageMiss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and the inclusion of Groupon product placement in indie podcast episodes. And as always, we read your comments and answer your questions from last week’s show before talking about the new movies coming out next week.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: VOTE! If the only Presidential candidates were Now Conspiring hosts, who would you vote for? Here are the candidates:

  1. Maria “Cineclub” Garcia
  2. Adonis “Pool Party” Gonzales
  3. Kayla “What’s a Podcast?” Savage
  4. Maria’s sister
  5. Mike “Overkill” Overhulse
  6. Sam “What’s the deal” Noland
  7. Dr. Phil
  8. Bridget “Sarcastitron” Serdock
  9. Jenny “My door is loud” Pan
  11. Will “I thought it was OK” Ashton
  12. CJ “I have a podcast, too” Mellon
  13. The Now Conspirer
  14. And of course, Jon “This is my website” Negroni

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28 thoughts on “Ep106: Luke Cage, Miss Peregrine, and the Now Conspirer

  1. hi guys, I have not listened long enough to know who “The Now Conspirerer” is so I was very confused listening to this podcast. But I would vote for Sam Noland because he wouldn’t try anything crazy and not do enough to make now conspiring or America worse. Plus I want to hear Gilbert godfritd in a presidential debate.

    • Sorry i phrased that wrong I’m not saying now conspiring or America is bad

    • Well no one knows who the Now Conspirer is.

  2. Was this whole podcast just Jon talking to himself for an hour? As for my vote I vote for Bridget(who was rudely left off the list!) Also Jon why are you picking on me?!?!?

    • P.S. I think Jon might be going crazy without Kayla

    • No, the Now Conspirer was there too.

  3. The Now Conspirer is obviously Jason Todd.

    I vote for Kayla, because maybe that will bring her back to the show.

  4. Sam. I’m not sure why, but yeah Sam. Kayla for Vice President.

  5. I second the Kayla Vice President thing because she is very friendly.

    • So…
      Are you saying that the giant square blue box with Pandora on it was not an ad?

      • What about the .blog ad?

        • lol I was confused about this comment until I listened to the episode. Jon’s had ads on this site for years dude.

          • Well they just started showing up a couple weeks ago. Not sure why it started now dude.

        • And he has had ads on the show before, remember GoButler?

  6. For my pick, I was think Jon because he runs the podcast, but then again it is Jon, so actually he’s out of the question. I’m thinking Pool Party, but he feels like more of a vice president, so I’m choosing Kayla. She can get stuff done better than a lot of people on the podcast.

  7. Now Conspirers listen to me. We need to vote for dr. Phil he is the most trustworthy and charismatic of all of the conspirers

  8. I’d vote for Kayla.
    DigitallyIllustrated Again! For vice president I’d say Maria.

  9. I vote Jon. He did make the Pixar Theory after all which inspired me to make my theory of which I worked on all summer and finally completed the roughest draft of. Follow up question:If you could name an era (B.C.,A.D.) what would you name it? Hope you had a good week. Sorry I haven’t commented in months my internet connection went out and I finally got it back. Have a good week.

    • The era would be after the apocalypse if that’s any easier.

  10. Is it selfish to vote for myself?

    • Of course Not!!!!! You vote yourself RAK!!!

  11. What’s a guy gotta do?

  12. Can I do a write in? How about Stevin Parker from the Pixar Detective?

  13. I’d like to vote for BRIDGET

  14. I’d vote for Sam.


  15. After much deliberation, I have decided to go with Maria Garcia as president, with vice president Sam Noland. The rest of you are great to, Adonis, please don’t kill me again.


  16. Also I would love if Sam and the Now Conspirer could be on the podcast together, I really want to hear Sam try to copy his voice.

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