Ep105: Describe Yourself In Three Magnificent Characters

now conspiring

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Hey conspiracy cats, this week we review The Magnificent SevenStorks, and Queen of Katwe. But honestly, we spend most of our time talking about…mansplaining? The internet? Our patronuses? Look, you listen to this podcast for a reason, and Dumbledore help us, we don’t know exactly what that reason really is.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: How would you describe yourself using three fictional characters?

Let us know your thoughts (and your favorite podcast moments) in the comments, which we may read on next week’s show! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook so you can send us direct messages and get podcast updates. And be sure to subscribe on iTunes and/or Stitcher, where you can also rate/review the podcast if you like it!


00:00:00 – Now Mansplaining; Sam hates technology; Our Harry Potter patronuses; The “describe yourself” thing

00:36:13 – Show and Tell: Bridget’s NYC “NowCon”; Adonis dishes on the first season of Supergirl, Sam talks about Once Upon a Time in the West, and Jon talks about Queen of Katwe and Seven Samurai.

01:19:40 – Mini Review (Spoiler-free): Storks

01:25:22 – Mini Review (Spoiler-free): The Magnificent Seven

01:33:50 – Feedback: we answer your questions and comments from last week.

01:50:39 – Coming Soon: we talk about which movies we want to see next weekend.

This week’s cast:

Jon NegroniAdonis Gonzales, Bridget Serdock, and Sam Noland.


12 thoughts

  1. I am Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel (both personality-wise and somewhat physically), Ahsoka Tano (Star Wars Clone Wars series), and Sasha (Attack on Titan). Also, as much as I love you guys, what happened to Maria and Kayla? Please tell me nothing happened.


  2. I would have to say that I am Rapunzel(Tangled) , Hermione(Deathly Hallows),and Steven(Steven Universe) Also Jon don’t be crude this is a family podcast!!! smh


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