Ep104: Snowden and the Three Podcasters


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Hey podcast friends, welcome to an all-new Now Conspiring. This week, we review Snowden, the new Oliver Stone film about, you guessed it, political intrigue at the turn of the 21st Century. Also, we get into some Show & Tell and talk about Fall movies we’re looking forward to before jumping into your feedback from last week’s episode.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What’s an embarrassing or funny/weird thing you’ve experienced or witnessed at a movie theater?

Let us know your thoughts (and your favorite podcast moments) in the comments, which we may read on next week’s show! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook so you can send us direct messages and get podcast updates. And be sure to subscribe on iTunes and/or Stitcher, where you can also rate/review the podcast if you like it!


00:00:00 – The Roast of Captain America; Show overview; Fall Movie Preview (sort of)

00:09:44 – Show and Tell: Adonis talks about Storks and his embarrassing story, Sam talks about Kurosawa’s mad films, and Jon talks about a lot of new Fall TV shows and BioShock Collection.

00:45:38 – Review (Spoiler-free): Snowden (and briefly Storks and Blair Witch)

01:04:00 – Feedback: we answer your questions and comments from last week.

01:28:33 – Coming Soon: we talk about which movies we want to see next weekend.





This week’s cast:

Jon NegroniAdonis Gonzales, and Sam Noland.

9 thoughts on “Ep104: Snowden and the Three Podcasters

  1. First, I need to officially apologize for that comment from my family last week. It’s a little confusing and totally unnecessary, but it was posted by my cousin, Jen, who thought it’d be really funny to post it using my little sister’s name. So, I’m sorry that that happened, but hey, you learned something new . . .?

    Second, I think Jak and Daxter is in dire need of a remake or remaster. It was an excellent series that deserves more recognition.

    Lastly, one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever witnessed in a movie theater dealt with a first date. I had gone to see Batman V. Superman with my family. I wasn’t really excited to go see it, but my dad was so I went. And sitting in front of us was this guy and this girl on what appeared to be their first date. Every easter egg that came up, the guy had to explain the girl. And I don’t actually mean easter egg, he literally explained who Batman was to the girl at one point. I was getting annoyed with the guy, but she was handling it well. Until he explained who Batman was. She turned on him and said something to the effect of “I own [impressively large amount of] Batman comics. Just shut up and let me watch the movie.” Sufficed to say, the date didn’t go all that well.

  2. Once I was watching a really tense scene in a movie theatre and I chocked on my drink and coughed for a solid half to a full minute very loudly, and felt incredibly embarrassed after I left the theatre.
    Also question: Have you guys done a Harry Potter episode? Or a Star Wars episode? Cause I really want to go on the show when you do. Not necessarily reviews of the films, but also plot speculation and general fandom discussion. Pretty please?

  3. I also had an embarrassing experience at the theater involving a first date. I went to see “Pixels”, and sat behind a teenage couple. Halfway through, they just started snogging. And I mean SNOGGING. It got so embarrassed, I has to move several rows back. They didn’t even notice.
    Also, sweet pictures, Adonis! So cute!

  4. So of course I was right the pictures of Adonis were hilarious and absolutely adorable!!! Sorry Adonis but it was so worth it. As for my funny moment back in 2011(?) my friend dragged me to the midnight premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2. I had seen all of the movies up to that point so obviously I wasn’t looking forward to the movie. Anyway we got seated and the previews started to play. One of the previews was for an airing of Titanic that was going to happen at my theater and in the preview it had the part where Jack and Rose are in the water and he says “Don’t let go” and then she responds “I’ll never let go” (or something along those lines) and right after Rose’s line comes out one girl in the audience throws popcorn at the screen and yells “WELL TO BAD SHE F***ING LET’S GO!!!” It was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing until the previews were over. Also I am super upset no one mentioned Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children when talking abut fall releases Ransom Riggs is such a great author/human-being and the trailer looks like the movie is going to be amazing.

  5. I went to go see Popstar and I guess an explosion of poop happened in the bathroom because there were men in yellow suits coming in and out of it. I was really scared to go past it, thinking there was like an alien or some new form of life that decided to surface in the middle of digiplex (you know, ’cause that’s normal), Then one of the workers there got up, seemingly unworried about stability of his job, and announced to pretty much everyone that “I hope the guy who did that hangs himself”. What’s worse is that I knew the guy so the fact that he got talked to in an equally announcing fashion made me happy. Oh ya, I forgot to mention the guy was an asshole. Anyways we watched the movie and I came out and I’ll tell you it STILL smells like sanitizer in there.

  6. I have been waiting a week to see these pictures – definitely worth it. When I was younger, I went to the movies with my family (we were going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I’m pretty sure) but before it started, the worker in charge of starting the movie dropped their Cookies & Cream Hershey Bar onto the projection, and it was all the audience could see on the screen. It was gross and I was upset, but now I realize that it saved me from seeing that movie. And like Jon, I am incredibly excited for La La Land, we actually talked about it on twitter. I’m putting a lot of faith in that movie. Also question, when do you film these episodes? Just wondering because you got 30 comments live.

  7. When I was seeing 10 Cloverfield Lane somebody walked in during the last five minutes with popcorn a soda and a hot dog that smelled really good. As soon as the credits rolled the guy stood up and yelled “I missed the whole movie” and left.

  8. My embarrassing movie theater story happened in 2014. I was supposed to watch Edge of Tomorrow, but for some reason X-Men Days of Future Past started playing. Confused by this I left and told one of the employees that the wrong movie was playing. Turns out I was just in the wrong room. Not gonna lie, I felt pretty dumb.

  9. Sadly, my theater goings have been normal. The only weird thing was a group of girls two rows above me who actually thought Ben Solo was hot – I have talked to several other people
    Who had a similar experience, and I’m 90% sure it was at a different theater.
    I have some episode proposals for you:
    1. You rant about movies you hate.
    2 You talk about movies that people are nostalgic for that are actually terrible. (Like Hocus Pocus)
    You may be wondering why I’m a ghost. This is because my harmless joke about Adonis led to him giving me a call, and the rest is history.

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