Modern Princess: Elsa and Cinderella Get Coffee

modern princess

Written by Jon Negroni (me) and illustrated by Kayla Savage.

That’s it. Oh, and you can find more Modern Princess here.

I’m done. I have nothing else to say to you. Sigh but I have to keep writing, you know. Something about SEO or whatever new word a guy in Texas made up last week. Oh, it’s an abbriev you say?

Anyway, I only want you to enjoy the comic at the top of this page. I have nothing else to say to you. It’s a comic. I wrote it. I was thinking about how weird it is for Frozen to get so much praise for doing something Brave did a little better. And yeah, it was an excuse to put a joke name like “Wish Upon a Star Bux” on the Internet in a way that makes an ounce of sense. Kayla drew it and made it a lot better. It was her idea to put funny names on the cups.

Do I ask for your input at this point? I guess. You guys like to comment on just about everything, so asking you to “Sound off below!” seems a little beggy at this point. Honestly, if you weren’t going to lend your thoughts before you got to this point, I’m pretty sure my prattling on at the bottom isn’t going to suddenly make you remember your desire to write something.

Let’s see, just a few more words to go.

Do you believe in God? I’m honestly curious. Lately, my mind has been spinning with the fear of the eternal, and the possibility that my narcissism doesn’t transcend my own mortality. I was watching season 1 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. the other day (not a bad show, right?) and something Simmons said in the last episode freaked the chitauri out of me. Seriously,  I wasn’t expecting more existential crises from Joss Whedon so long after Dollhouse.

So I’ve made the required word count, but now we have a new problem. My brain hates ending things in an awkward way. I almost typed LaterLATER. We shouldn’t even talk like that, let alone type like that.



20 thoughts on “Modern Princess: Elsa and Cinderella Get Coffee

  1. Guys, I think we broke Jon.

  2. Funny true.

    And are you okay, John?

  3. I’m a little scared right now. Also, yes, I do believe in God.

  4. Do you have to write a certain number of words a day or something?

    And yep, I believe in God.

    • I think he’s referencing SEO, not a personal goal. An article with good SEO has to have like 250-300 words minimum.

  5. HA! Yes, Brave totally did it WAY better than Frozen! All movies do everything better than Frozen LOL. And, yes, I believe in God.

  6. This is hilarious! I love the idea of Merida working as a waitress. Cindy was being a little mean, though– she’s not gonna be the jerk princess of the series, is she?
    Yes, I definitely believe in God.

  7. Naturally. Frozen is overrated

  8. Where my atheists at? Also, my khakis.

  9. Atheist here, cannot bear Cinderella, and honestly I thought Brave was boring. Visually magnificent, loved the accents, but boooooooooring. For a film with so much going on, nothing really happened, and I didn’t care about any of the characters. The only real entertainment value it has for me is imagining that King Fergus is first cousin to Stoick the Vast (there was a lot of Viking/Scots crossover in the day, and the adults in HTTYD have mostly Scottish accents) and therefore Merida and Hiccup are cousins.

  10. I believe in the Biblical God, but I just want to point out that we are NOT all the snobs that the minority of Christians makes us out to be. That is only a very small percentage of “Christians”. And yes, Agents of Shield is amazing!

  11. I take a neutral stance. I willn’t (doesn’t anyone else think won’t doesn’t make sense?) believe or not believe in the existence of an omnipotent being unless given indisputable proof to either. However I don’t believe that the existence or nonexistence of such a being will impact my life in any way. I to also have an intense fear of the possibility that we will cease to exist after death. However existing in an incorporeal stae for eternity doesn’t seem much better. Although I generally prefer Pixar movies more, I think frozen did it better.

  12. I believe in God.
    Agents of SHIELD is underrated and actually pretty good.
    What quote are you talking about? I don’t remember that one. Could you please let me know?

    • I don’t remember her exact words (my mind is actively forcing them out), but Simmons says a few paragraphs about mortality and the afterlife while she and Fitz are trapped at the bottom of the ocean in that box.

      • Something about how their atoms were part of stars millions of years ago, which then went on to be them, and Fitz suggests that they were (or will be, I forgot which) monkeys.

  13. Okay let me break down some stuff:
    1) When you see a beautiful piece of art you know there is an artist. So when we see a beautiful universe there must be a creator right? Art -> Artist, Creation -> Creator.
    2) People always ask ‘Who made God?’ in a sarky way. It is actually a really simple question. Nobody.
    Imagine a cat reading your blog. It’s incomprehensible not because your blog is incomprehensible but because the idea of a cat reading you blog is incomprehensible.
    Basically, we keep relating god to humans with questions like ‘Who made God?’ and ‘How can God listen to everyone?’ BUT the thing is God isn’t human so it can do the impossible! We can never comprehend this god because we keep comparing him (it – no gender) To ourselves.
    3) The atheist view on the Big Bang makes no sense: In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded!?
    They try and explain the how in a me this that confuses me to why so many people believe it. Ask any atheist what happened a second before the bang and they can’t answer. It doesn’t make sense.
    I, as a Christian, don’t disapprove the Big Bang theory. God could have totally been working in the Big Bang but stating that nothing exploded into everything makes no sense, no matter how many long science words you embed into it.
    4) Yes there is suffering. I could write a whole essay about suffering and Christianity but let me leave you with this Jon. If the world was tilted a small fraction of it’s axis then we would either burn or freeze to death!
    How can an accidental collision of matter which came from nothing overpower a planning and almighty God when proof is all around you – his creation.

    Jon, PLEASE reply. Sorry for boring you, if I have

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