The Secret Life of Pokémon GO

secret life of pets

Everyone has pets, and now pretty much everyone also has Pokémon. In this week’s episode of Now Conspiring, we review The Secret Life of Pets and have a lengthy discussion about the Nintendo smartphone game that has resulted in some real life Team Rocket incidents.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What (or who) is the coolest Pokémon you’ve captured so far, and how did you catch him/her/it?

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00:00:00 – Introduction and show overview

00:03:44 – Team Rocket’s Blasting Off Again (Pokémon GO discussion)

00:26:06 – Maria’s “Bucket List” Series of Movies. Check out the video.

00:30:30 – Thoughts on early Ghostbusters reviews and how positive they’ve been.

00:35:10 – Adonis teases his upcoming appearance at Comic Con.

00:39:35 – Jon and Kayla briefly talk about Swiss Army Man.

00:45:40 – Spoiler-Free Review: The Secret Life of Pets

01:24:20 – FeedbackWe address your comments and questions from this past week.

01:52:20 – Coming soon: We briefly mention next week’s new movie releases.

This week’s cast:

Jon NegroniKayla SavageAdonis Gonzalez, and Maria Garcia.

6 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Pokémon GO

  1. So far at this point the coolest Pokémon that I’ve caught are Eevee and Jigglypuff. I caught Eevee when I was in the car on the way to my moms house. But I caught Jigglypuff when my mom and I went to register me for classes at my college it was super cool because Jigglypuff has always been my favorite Pokémon ever since I was little so it was really cool to catch part of my childhood at the place where I will be starting the next chapter of my life!!😄

  2. Hey, this is my first comment! I love listening to the podcast, and I really am impressed by your Pixar Theory. It is quite interesting For this question: frankly, I don’t have Pokémon GO (nor do I intend to get it) because I think it’s all getting out of hand: apparently someone found a dead body whilst playing it, and some people have been murdered whilst playing it. And of course, there are robbers taking advantage of it, and Nintendo’s just shaken off the controversy over the Gmail full access. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to post a pitch in response to the previous question of the week (which is from a personal fantasy with various references, not a personal experience as requested – I think it’s still interesting), but I wasn’t able to post it, so here it is:

    The story:

    The Nine Network, the oldest TV network in Australia, suffers a major blunder that significantly damages its reputation. With its stock value dropping violently, a French-born businessman, Henri LeSander with previous experience in the media quickly takes control of 49% of the network (the largest allowed by foreigners). The network then begins reinventing and restoring itself with all kinds of changes, from restructuring to an American-styled network model to the reform of Nine’s news division to a professional, serious organization to hiring new talent from around the world all the way to introducing network-to-viewer “public service programs”, inspired by a unique Filipino TV network that the businessman was once involved in. The movie tells the story of nine characters in the midst of these changes.

    The characters:

    Henri LeSander, a businessman from France, who acquires the Nine Network at its worst time ever. Having previous experience at an innovative specialized TV network in the Philippines known for its unique public service model, he adapts it to suit the more generalized Nine Network for its comeback.
    Jonathan Peters, a former top writer for the “Guardian” newspaper in England. He is hired to become the head of Nine News, the network’s news division, and oversees its transition into a professional broadcast journalism organization.
    Liam Shang, a Sydney barrister born in Christmas Island, known for his work with low-income and marginalized communities. He is tapped to present “Australia Calling”, the country’s first-ever public service program, which allows people from across the country to contact the network to report problems with governments and companies, and works alongside the network to solve them.
    Karl Stefanovic, the network’s biggest personality, from before the acquisition. He is retrained to adapt to Nine News’s new model, and given the reins to a new, national evening newscast “Nine News Tonight” at 7 pm, accompanied by a newcomer, Cara Lafayette, and then another, Camilla Olson from the failed news magazine “Why News”.
    Damien Harper, a Melbourne journalist and conservative commentator for a newspaper. He is given a talk show and the reins of a news magazine, “Why News” with Camilla, but when the program falters, he is sent to co-host the late-night “Nine News Nightline” newscast/talk show with Nicole Scott, with whom he has fierce on-air debates.
    Nicole Scott, a TV anchor for a rival network’s Sydney newscast, a musician, and an environmental activist, originally from the Northern Territory affiliate, of Australian Aboriginal and Scottish heritage. She is given an offer to head the network’s investigative division and host the newly revived “Nine News Nightline” newscast/talk show. Originally anchoring solo, she is later joined by Damien, and their resulting debates create ratings gold.
    Tracy Grimshaw, a TV personality from before the acquisition who originally hosted the tabloid current affairs program “A Current Affair” before it was axed and replaced by the crime public service program “Watch”, which she hosts. When “Watch” breaks the story of a political scandal, she helps expand it into an investigative journalism program that would win numerous awards.
    Cara Lafayette, a writer from the US who emigrated to Australia. She had long worked for a US tech magazine, but she moved to Australia for a fresh start. Though having no experience in presenting, her analytical style, significant intelligence and knowledge, and no-nonsense way of speaking were discovered by Peters when she is interviewed for a minor position in the network, and she is given the role of co-host for “Nine News Tonight” with Karl.
    Camilla Olson, a newcomer to the network, who studied broadcast journalism at a prominent university in Perth. She was given a hosting role with Damien for the news magazine “Why News”, but when the program fails to make the ratings, the show is cancelled, and she is sent to co-host “Nine News Tonight” with Karl and Cara.

    Some references and Easter eggs:

    The Nine Network is a real TV network, first created in 1952.
    Various elements of the new Nine Network come from the real life Philippine TV network UNTV (not to be confused with United Nations Television), whilst “Nightline” is an old news program that aired on the Nine Network (itself based on the famed ABC news magazine), and “A Current Affair” is also a real program that airs there (though some would rather want it gone due to its tabloid nature).
    Karl Stefanovic and Tracey Grimshaw, both real personalities, would be present in main roles.
    The characters of Nicole and Cara take inspiration from books: Nicole from a character from a Geronimo Stilton spin-off series, Cara from her namesake from Jon Negroni’s “Pixar Detective” (Yes, in fact, Cara was the one that made the biggest impression on me, so I re-imagined her as a news anchor – she fits quite well in my opinion).
    Jon Negroni would make a minor appearance as a fictionalized version of himself (as a sociologist, no less)! He would be explaining to Nicole and Damien in “Nightline” themes found in the Pixar Theory, such as conflict with nature, environmental ruin, and mankind’s interaction with animals.
    The famed film composer Lalo Schifrin (best known for the “Mission: Impossible” theme) would also make an appearance here. He would be involved in making a new set of news themes for the network, with those for the newscasts derived from the film “Cool Hand Luke”‘s “Tar Sequence” (iconic by itself and the scene it was composed for, as well as for its use in newscasts by ABC), the basis of which is used right now for Nine Network’s newscasts.

    And that’s it. Sorry if it’s too long, and I didn’t send it on time but I hope you like it!

  3. The coolest pokemon I caught was a wartortle. I was by the water and a guy said he was trying to find a squirtle, but couldn’t track it, so I went the opposite direction and instead immediately found a wartotle and caught it with on pokeball.

  4. I caught a Tauros at a Costco, which was weirdly satisfying.

  5. Hey guys long time no conspire. I have been playing Pokemon Go since its release, and my best pokemon so far is EXERCISE.

  6. So…I know this isn’t a really cool Pokemon, but I caught a Zubat that was on top of my friends head. I also have a Vulpix, a Ponyta, and a Sylveon.

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