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finding dory podcast review

This week on the podcast, I’m joined by a full cast to review Finding Dory, the latest Pixar movie and sequel to 2003’s Finding Nemo. We also discuss the latest news coming out of E3, the new Moana trailer, and a lot more.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: For those of you who’ve already seen the movie, which of the new characters in Finding Dory did you like best?

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00:00:00 – Introductions and show overview

00:02:36 – We talk about the most interesting video game announcements from E3.

00:23:21 – Spoiler-free Review: Finding Dory

01:02:16 –Question of the Week. And a Netflix Recommendation from Sam.

01:11:54 – New trailer: Moana

01:18:00 – Coming soon: We briefly mention next week’s new movie releases.

This week’s cast:

Jon NegroniKayla SavageAdonis Gonzalez, and Sam Noland.

21 thoughts on “Find Yourself, Not Dory

  1. My favorite new character was Gerald, Becky tied for second. Like Kayla said, they were fun characters for the kid and I laughed my you know what off whenever they had a scene.

  2. I honestly thought Hank was more of a mobility plot device than an inspired character. I was a bigger fan of Dory’s parents, tbh

  3. I also heard of Jon (Negroni) first through SCB, so it’s gonna be insane to hear both Jon’s talking to each other about Pixar Theory stuff. Though I have to say, I’ve liked SCB a lot less since realizing most of his videos come straight out of articles from this site, or Jon’s book.

    SAM. YOU ARE MY PODCAST MVP FOR LIFE. Sorry, that’s just a side note.

    • This. I am so over SCB videos. Most of his videos either rip off theories Jon’s already done or rip off theories other people have done that Jon has Snarcasmed (and pretty well). I went apeshit when he just straight up adapted a chapter out of Jon’s book and acted like he came up with it on his own.

      • Ok hold up. Which video rips off the Pixar Theory book? (I haven’t read it)

        • The most recent one is the Ben video, “Why does Buzz Lightyear Freeze?” It starts with a pretty dumb theory that it’s because Buzz just “freezes” out of fear, which even he points out is unconvincing.

          Then he says, “Our theory is…”

          Yeah, bullshit. It’s not THEIR theory at all. It’s the exact theory Jon puts in the Toy Story chapter, except watered down because they can’t mention BNL or anything like that. But the whole premise that children’s love makes the toys come alive, except for the brand of space Rangers Buzz belongs to is straight out of the book. It’s basically plagiarism.

          • The Incredibles getting their powers video does the same thing, too. Totally straight from the book and I don’t think he ever mentions it.

            • I just checked. They link to his book in the show notes. So that’s something.

          • I thought they did credit Jon though at some point. Although I do remember their Inside Out video about the Pixar Theory was a little too close to what Negroni wrote. Damn.

      • SCB has credited Jon tons of times, so I don’t see the issue. And they’ve put out plenty of their own theories without his help.

        Personally, I prefer Jon’s theories because they’re better thought out, but he doesn’t do a lot of theories anymore anyway so…

        • Almost all fan theories are pretty bad though, so I don’t blame him. I’m glad Jon hasn’t turned his website into a clickbaity fan theory website like Buzzfeed or Mashable.

        • I sort of agree, but at the same time, if they’re plagiarizing Jon that’s totally not okay. I checked out some of the videos mentioned above and they’re not exaggerating. I didn’t even realize Jon came up with that Incredibles stuff or the Buzz Lightyear thing.

        • They’ll link to Jon from time to time, but they STILL present all of the ideas as their own. Jonathan and Ben will say, “to me, it seems obvious,” or “I think that…” When it’s obvious that they’re just parroting Jon’s words. That’s the issue.

          • I’ll have to watch those videos and look at the book because I’ve never caught that. Plus they do more videos than Pixar Theory ones. I’m pretty sure Jon doesn’t have a Zootopia racism theory.

            • Yeah because it’s not a theory, it’s his review of the movie. Totally irrelevant.

  4. ITT: people who know what SCB is apparently.

    I loved FInding Dory! Hank was also my favorite character, even though his “powers” were pretty convenient. They could have done a better job making the marine institute feel a little more alive. Sigourney Weaver had me in stitches.

  5. At the risk of getting mobbed, I’m psyched about hearing Jonathan Carlin come on the show (is it just him though?) I thought his take on Finding Dory and the Pixar Theory wasn’t as good as Jon Negroni’s, so hearing them talk about it together should be slick.

    • I’m not very excited to hear Jonathan Carlin’s take. His Finding Dory video IMO was pretty weak compared to Negroni’s. I’m excited to hear how they’ll debate over it because they went in totally different directions.

  6. I’ve never heard of the Carlin Brothers, but apparently they are plagiarists, so I wonder why Negroni is having them on the show then?

  7. I fell in love with Destiny. She’s so adorable and innocent, she was easily my favorite new character. And I also found out about Jon Negroni through the SCB. This episode should be fun and interesting.

  8. Having seen the movie, I gotta go with Gerald the sea lion.

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