Mo’ Money Monster, Mo’ Problems

money monster

This week on the podcast, the Now Conspiring team runs through the big entertainment news of the week, reviews Money Monster, as well as Uncharted 4 and Overwatch.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Which recently canceled show do you wish could be un-canceled? Also, don’t forget to pick an impression for Sam to stick with! There’s a special segment of the podcast to help you decide…

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00:00:00 – Sam’s “conditions” and What’s going on with Brie Larson?

00:01:50 – Adonis does a quick review of Uncharted 4.

00:05:02 – We chat about the Assassin’s Creed debut trailer.

00:13:25 – Why they canceled Disney Infinity.

00:18:25 – The shows we’re losing and gaining this fall (on ABC, FOX, and NBC).

00:26:30 – The prequel to both Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan, called Come Away.

00:30:20 – Which canceled shows should be un-canceled, if you could pick one?

00:34:48 – Review: Money Monster, starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Jack O’Connell.

00:40:12 – Review: Overwatch, the first-person shooter Adonis compares to Pixar for some reason.

00:49:50 – Feedback: We read and answer your comments from last week’s episode.

01:15:06 – The Great Impressions Debate: Gilbert Godfried moderates a debate between Dr. Phil, Matthew Mcconaughey, and Stephen Hawking. YOU have to vote the winner!

01:23:39 – Coming soon: We briefly mention next week’s new movie releases.

This week’s cast:

Jon NegroniKayla SavageAdonis Gonzalez, and Sam Noland.

Artwork by Mark Wagner.

10 thoughts on “Mo’ Money Monster, Mo’ Problems

  1. Before I say anything, Gilbert Godfried. Please Sam. Anyways, I don’t watch any of the shows that were canceled so I don’t have much to say about that. So I’ll just say one thing, Sam is by far my third favorite comedian. Just behind Amy Schumer and Anthony Jeselnik.

  2. Gravity Falls could be brought back, but the ending was awesome and I fear a bring back would jump the shark. In all seriousness, the ABC rejected pilot Marvel’s Most Wanted is the perfect candidate and Marvel’s Agent Carter is my pick for the cancelled route. Also Supergirl being sent to the CW is an interesting choice. I wonder how that plays out.

  3. Kayla you’re also my favorite. And Sam your Stephen Hawking impression is just pure gold. Also can you do a Robin Williams impression? Just asking.

    • I haven’t worked on it enough, but I do hope to have a good impression of him fairly soon.

  4. I’m hoping that Agent Carter will be picked up by Netflix because Marvel doesn’t have enough content with female heroes as the main protagonist, and Peggy still has so much stuff to do and so much ass to kick (am I allowed to say ass idk). Pretty sure I’ve written about this before on a previous podcast, but the romance between Peggy and Sousa? No… just – no. Unnecessary. Take it out. Season 2 could’ve been so much better without the forced love triangle. Oh, and there’s still so much to explore with Dottie Underwood and the other Black Widows! I wanna see where it all leads – Netflix, don’t disappoint me.

    Okay. Sam. SAM. Sam, please stop. Like seriously – how many times do you want me to praise you. This is getting ridiculous.

    …Fine, I’ll say it. The Hawking impression is flawless.

  5. Of the shows that have been cancelled recently, I’m most upset about Agent Carter, however I never finished the most recent season because I just never have enough time to watch all of the shows and movies I enjoy. So Agent Carter pulled the short stick and was left behind. There is one show that has been cancelled sort of recently that I, and many others, are still quite butt hurt about. Young Justice. The cancellation of this show was worse than when Teen Titans was ended because Young Justice only had the two seasons.

    And my vote for Sam’s impressions is still unchanged. Stephen Hawking deserves better treatment than he received in The Theory of Everything and Sam can do that for us

    • Also, Jon, I did read the Pixar Detective and while it was entertaining, I had some issues with it. Namely with the time travel aspect of it, but that’s forgivable because of how complicated and migraine-inducing the particulars of time travel are

  6. Sam do you do stand up comedy? You should. My vote is for Gilbert Godfried.

    • Sadly, no I do not. I want to, but I can’t find any places to do it. But I can dream…

  7. Gilbert Godfried. That’s all I have to say.

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