The ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Civil War

captain america civil war review

Hey all, things get heated on this week’s episode of Now Conspiring, where we review Captain America: Civil War. In short, things get…heated. We do a spoiler-free review followed by a discussion where we spoil the movie aplenty (with warning).

Jon, Kayla, and Adonis loved the movie, but Maria was pretty mixed. Oh, and Sam is there even though he didn’t see the movie. Let the conspiring begin!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man? On that note, are you Team Jon & Adonis, or Team Maria & Kayla? Also, please let us know which impression you want Sam to do from now on!

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00:00:00 – Quick introduction and Movie Review (no spoilers) of Captain America: Civil War.

00:14:59 – Spoiler Talk: Captain America: Civil War (with spoiler warning).

00:48:20 – Feedback: We read and answer your comments from last week’s episode.

01:11:20 – Sam’s magical character impressions.

01:18:04 – Coming soon: We briefly mention next week’s new movie releases.

This week’s cast:

Jon NegroniKayla SavageAdonis Gonzalez, Maria Garcia, and Sam Noland.

15 thoughts on “The ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Civil War

  1. I like to plead neutrality in this Marvel Civil War because both sides presented strong arguments I think, but the winning team might be celebrating their win. Also in the Now Conspiring Civil War (Team Jon & Adonis vs Team Maria & Kayla) I plead my support to Team Pixar Detective because they were awesome to follow!

  2. The old expression, the need of the many out weigh the need of the few. I am for team Cap 👍

  3. Although my favorite is Iron Man, I could never go against Captain America. Captain America always has the highest good and best interest at heart.

  4. I’m Team Mcconaughey for sure.

    On a less serious note, I have to side with “Jadonis” on this one. (SPOILERS) I get what Maria and Kayla were trying to say, in that Steve and Tony’s relationship isn’t damaged forever and the movie leaves it open for them to one day team up again. But Jon and Adonis are right in saying that this is still far from a “neat and tidy” ending because the Avengers are totally broken because the villain won. And I’m more excited about Infinity War than I was before because I have no idea how they’re going to settle their differences and unite again, so the movie did its job! Anyway, that’s just my three and a half cents.

  5. ok a few things. First, that George Carlin reference had me laughing out loud at work so thanks for that I’ve lost my job. Second, I’m kinda neutral on the Civil War team siding thing, but I agree with the overall point TeamJadonis made, which is that they ended the movie well. I had no problem with the rift between the two teams being handled the way it was, and I’m more stoked than anything else that Secret Avengers could be on the horizon.

    I disagree with Maria’s criticisms that this movie lacks focus or is more of an Avengers movie. I think it’s perfectly balanced as a Captain America AND Avengers movie because at this point, how could Cap function in an interesting movie without it involving his teammates? They were smart to go big, and its a Cap movie still because it follows Winter Soldier AND Age of Ultron. I’m not saying it’s perfect how they balance Bucky and the Sokovia Act stuff (this is still a movie). But I was enthralled the entire time and wouldn’t change much, to be totally honest. And I’m so stoked for Spider-Man’s movie, in a way I haven’t felt since Phase 1 (which is saying a LOT).

    Oh, and Dr. Phil please.

    • Thank you from the bottom of my soul for appreciating the Carlin reference. I wish more people could appreciate his genius. Oh, and Dr. Phil says it’s good that you’re expressing your emotions effectively.

  6. I can’t comment on the civil war spoiler review/debate because I’m going to watch it this weekend, but correct me if I’m wrong – Lincoln dies, right?

    I see myself as a barn owl or a meerkat, so I guess Jon was kind of close? I mean, I am very small.

    I would love to be on the podcast, but I don’t have Facebook guys… I guess Sam and I can be old men together (before you jump down my throat, Adonis, that was a variation of an Inception quote. I feel obligated to tag all my quotes now.)

    Last but not least, I think I should even the playing field lest Adonis’s face gets even redder. So: Adonis, you’re a beautiful tropical fish. Kayla, you’re a beautiful rule breaking moth. Maria, you’re a cunning, pliable, chestnut haired sunfish. Jon, you’re an opalescent tree shark.

    mic drop

    • I actually don’t have facebook either. To quote Admiral Ackbar: “It’s a trap!” I just have a Skype account, a computer, and a pair of headphones. Also, I would love nothing more than to be an old man with you, you silly little barn owl.

  7. First of all, I agree completely with Jon and Adonis. With sides in the movie, I came in Team Iron MAn, but hoping nothing bad would happen to Team Cap. I love both sides. I left not knowing who was really right.

    Secondly, my full thoughts on Civil War (SPOILERS) I absolutely loved the movie and it beats out Winter Soldier (barely) for my favorite MCU movie. I thought Zemo had a good plan, it was just executed weirdly I kept going back and forth on whether I liked him or disliked him. My second complaint is the stupid kiss between Cap and Sharon Carter. They had no romantic chemistry, and as a Stucky shipper, I was appalled that they would put this in the movie.
    Now to good things. I thought that the movie was still very about Captain America while still having other characters that had complete arcs. I thought they introduced Black Panther and Spiderling, sorry Spiderboy, sorry Spiderman well. I loved this version of spider man, and what they did with him.
    As a last note, for the comic readers of the group, have you read issue 0 of Civil War 2, and are you excited for it?

  8. I went into Captain America: Civil War without officially choosing a side. Due to the information I had, it was hard to deduce what they really were fighting over. But I leaned a little more towards Team Cap because I know the comics. I came out of it just as indecisive as I went into it. I’m not gonna say I’m neutral because I’m just not sure who I agree with. It’s not that I’ve elected to not choose a side, that’s just how it happened.

    As far as the podcast goes, it turns out I’m also down the middle on this disagreement. While I can see that Iron Man and Cap are no longer where they were before, I would not go as far as to say that they aren’t friends at all anymore. Iron Man is still hurt about what Cap did to him, but when Cap spared him at the end of the movie, it showed that their fight was kind of futile. With Cap being out of the picture for now, Iron Man has the time to reflect upon what they did to each other and what was done to them. So no, they’re not friends anymore and that is quite clear. But it’s also clear that Iron Man isn’t just letting Cap do what he has to because he wants to use him. Iron Man is still quite conflicted about the whole situation and is deciding whether or not he should trust Cap. The final fight was very impulsive on Iron Man’s part and I think he’s realizing that now. That last fight seemed almost like a temper tantrum, one that Tony may not have done if it weren’t for everything else that happened to him in this movie (learning about Charles Spencer, losing one of his closest friends, putting his friends in prison, subsequently being hated by his friends). I understand that the fight was due to the revelation about his mother’s murder, but Tony is growing into a more pragmatic character in the MCU and that impulsivity is not something he wants to continue.

    Also, I loved the Stephen Hawking impression the most because science

  9. I’m on Team Maria and Kayla. Tony Stark should have just crumbled up that paper. #TeamIronMan

  10. I am team Iron Man, because even though I initially hated Tony Stark as a person I believe in what he stands for here, likewise for team Kayla & Maria. I am not familiar with all of Sam’s impressions, he should just choose whatever he feels is the most natural given the situation. Here’s a question for you guys though. What MCU movie are you most looking forward to now? Personally I can’t wait for Black Panther. As always, keep being awesome ; )

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