Snarcasm: Let’s Complain about the ‘Rogue One’ Teaser Tailer

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Snark + Sarcasm = what you’re about to read

The first teaser trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story dropped today, and I’ll be painfully honest. I fell in love almost immediately. So for obvious reasons, I have a lot of thoughts (some positive and some negative) that I’ll get into on a later date. For now, I’ll just say that I’m less worried about the prospects of getting a new Star Wars movie every year.

Before we get to the point of this Snarcasm, let’s watch (or rewatch) the Rogue One teaser and get back up to hyperspeed:

Normally on this column, I take on writers who write silly things on the Internet. This week, I’m turning my attention to the many “fans” out there trying their darnedest to complain about the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story teaser for the impossibly worst reasons.

There are too many to count, so hopefully I cover the basics that you’re bound to see over the next year. Let’s begin with Rob’s clear understanding of the box office.

Rob: This movie and all others made after Episode III should be called “Girl Power.” Disney, you are trying to sell more tickets to women. Don’t expect men to go see it.

Oh, the horror. Disney is making movies that don’t specifically cater to one gender anymore. What will they think of next in their ongoing conquest to hurt your feelings?

Except, wow, men sure showed up for The Force Awakens, didn’t they? You know, the movie with the highest domestic box office of all time, which happens to have a female protagonist?

Good thing Disney listens to the wise words of “Rob,” so now their sequel to Frozen will star two male characters both voiced by Ashton Kutcher.

James: I have to admit it’s a good first trailer but I have to join a few commenters discussing the reliance upon another female protagonist in the next movie. I LOVE Felicity Jones. Truly I do. And, I understand that they want to embrace females and ethnicities, but overcompensating and putting two films in a row, then having the next Star Wars also be….well…Rey. It just seems a little much. But, once again, the first trailer does deliver and spectacle and story.

Well, hey, at least he admits that it’s a good first trailer, right? That’s sure to soften the rest of this backwards comment. And toward the end, he even says that the trailer delivers (takes out glitter) spectacle! And story! Whatever that means!

I find it weird (and chuckle-inducing) that the complaint is having a “reliance” on a female protagonist. You know, because so many movies “rely” on this, since we live in a world where females get properly represented in sci-fi blockbusters, except when they hardly ever. Two in a row is just madness.

That said, I doubt James would dare say that the previous six Star Wars movies were a little “much” for having six male leads in a row.

Alphado: I don’t like that they’re making all the central protagonists female. Rey is the central protagonist of the new trilogy and the whole trailer of Rogue One revolves around another female character without a male protagonist in sight (only male antagonists). If they truly want to balance gender roles then have both female and male protagonists.

For them to truly “balance” gender roles, every movie coming out has to have only one female protagonist for at least 100 more years. I’m not sure that’s what you really want.

As for Rogue One, were you not paying attention to the male characters prancing around the screen with Jyn Erso at every turn? In fact, she and Mon Mothma are the only two women who even speak in this trailer. Counting the obvious protagonists (not extras), there were 5 males and 2 women. 

Someone call Anakin Skywalker so we can finally have balance.

Greg: Very strong trailer. My only issue is that this is twice in a row now we’re getting a Disney film where the primary cast is mostly or entirely “diversity based”, with white characters relegated to the background. C’mon, Disney…caucasian is an ethnicity too!

…Is this real life?

Twice in a row? You mean Force Awakens, where a white female was the main character? That wasn’t caucasian enough for you? A white male playing the main villain, Kylo Ren, wasn’t caucasian enough? General Hux, played by Domnall Gleeson? Harrison Ford as Han Solo? These guys were in the background?

Oh…yes, because there were like two or other three other characters who weren’t caucasian, so that certainly means Star Wars is oppressing caucasians by mixing the cast up. Good thing the star of Rogue One is caucasian, or else Greg would just get lost.

Brian: Doesn’t look like Star Wars let’s be honest

If only the trailer had stormtroopers, a story centered around the rebellion, ships and weapons straight out of the original trilogy, and imagination-stretching character designs.

Daniel: Poorly repackaged garbage. Nifty how they have an Imperial in a white uniform. Christ people have no idea the poorly recycled crap they are being sold.

Wait, I’m losing track of what we should complain about. So it’s too much like Star Wars now?

Eric: More like Hunger Games in space.

Wait, Hunger Games? I don’t think—

Steven: Except Hunger Games doesn’t have AT-ATs

What? How in the world—

Chris: Hunger games, the divergent movies, and now star wars. A strong independent woman who needs no man. Looks like star wars will just now be attracting teens

I really don’t think you understand how—



Yehezekiel: The Hunger Games: Space Edition

I hardly think that’s—

Ghost: stupid stupid stupid. Is this the hunger games Star Wars edition?


Guys and gals (but mostly guys if you can believe it), Hunger Games is hardly the first franchise to pit female characters against oppressive regimes. And to blithely complain about Rogue One having surface-level similarities to this franchise is pointless after you dig at least an inch.

First of all, this “Jyn Erso” character (who we all know is a fill in for Jan Ors), is nothing like Katniss, just based on this very short glimpse we’ve been given of her character.

From what we can tell, she’s an adult rebel of action, whereas Katniss was a reactionary teenager who sort of stumbled around in opposition. Jyn Erso has a clear goal and mission, while Katniss Everdeen is forced to kill other teenagers. Jyn Erso is rebellious to the rebels, while Katniss just sort of whined about Peeta during the majority of Mockingjay.

Yes, it’s too early to make assumptions about “who” Jyn Erso is based on this one teaser, but that goes double for these bizarre Hunger Games comparisons. We’re even teased with a possibility that Jyn will become evil in the end. The only thing we wondered about Katniss was whether or not she was going to kill a cat.

StormtrooperP: So I guess Star Wars is just all about women now?

It never wasn’t. These movies have always had central female characters, like Princess Leia and Padme. For once, though, there’s actually a believable ratio. 

Derbi50: Yay. More girl power crap in Star Wars, because it was super low on that. It’s just ungrateful disrespectful crap. 99.9% percent of military casualties in the 20th century were men. It’s like making a movie about men giving birth or stealing all of their wives stuff in a divorce.

I’m not even sure what to do with this comment. Maybe he’ll chill out once he gets his GED.

ShutupLieberman: Looks like a Divergent movie.

I don’t think you’ve ever seen a Divergent movie.

Adoscafeten: I’m surprised noone’s commenting on how the aesthetic looks like a tv-movie.

I’m surprised you’re surprised by this. You know, since it doesn’t look like a tv-movie at all.

I loved it up until the “subtitle” was presented: “A Star Wars story”? Why is it necessary to include that? It detracts from the intrigue of a supposedly “new” story by reminding the viewer that the Star Wars franchise, while beloved, is a highly commercialized entity. It broke the spell for me!

I actually understand this frustration, but this inclusion of Star Wars in the branding is unfortunately essential. It could mean the difference between this film making millions and millions of dollars less than it could, simply because people won’t realize it’s based on a franchise they already like.

Mstrymxer: WTF. Why is everyone british?

Because Star Wars has had British accents in its movies since 1977?

Star Wars: The Hunger Games – Mockingjay?


Bluehawk52: Jyn = Rey. Visage. Age. British. Same. Unoriginal. Take the blinders off, put down the Kool-Aid, and think for yourself, people. Star Wars is dying. Send these Disney clowns a message and don’t support this trash.

If I put down my Kool-Aid, does that mean I have to take a sip of your Bud Ice?

Look, I hardly think Star Wars is anywhere close to dying, mostly because I pay attention to things and use my brain to form opinions. Seeing The Force Awakens become the third highest-grossing movie of all time helped me form that opinion, for example.

So calling Rogue One unoriginal because its protagonist is similar to a different set of movies in this franchise is like saying Captain America: The Winter Soldier sucks because Chris Evans is a white guy like Robert Downey Jr.

And as for unoriginality, I think if you actually rewind the trailer and take your own blinders off, you’ll see a load of things teased that have never even been touched by these movies. Not least of all a samurai fighting stormtroopers.

thezim: It should be called PC WARS: THE FAKE EQUALITY SAGA

Alright, I’m done. Wake me up when the 15-year-olds are done with study hall.

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10 thoughts on “Snarcasm: Let’s Complain about the ‘Rogue One’ Teaser Tailer

  1. Thank you for this! This is the way to respond to idiot kids on the internet: Ridicule and sarcasm. Not a 2000 word think-piece. You rock, Jon.

    • Absolutely; never read Jonnegroni before today; this is mandatory reading now, which I will forward to my two nieces who absolutely love sci-fi, though bemoan the lack of female heroes / protagonists, they are of an age I had to dig out the Alien movies with Sigourney Weaver (the Thinking Man’s Bit of Crumpet…giggidy) to assure them it IS possible. Loved the comment Negroni made ” For them to truly “balance” gender roles, every movie coming out has to have only one female protagonist for at least 100 more years.” It is bemusing the rants of some of these 15 y.o brains are stuck in 100 hundred year thinking. Maybe these new S.W are to make up for the “coonery” of cringe inducing Jar Jar, or the woefully contrived idea a smart princess / Queen couldn’t see past a Jedi with less than honourable aspirations (French Chivalry Romances, anyone?)

  2. The best Snarcasm since the Zootopia one! Hilarious and painfully true!

  3. Heck, when I saw the trailer, my first thought was, “Hey, look, it’s Star Wars: Catching Fire.” But then it makes a quick change in tone, and immediately begins to look pretty awesome. Most of these people probably stopped watching after the first ten seconds.

    Now personally, at the moment, this doesn’t feel quite like a Star Wars movie to me. It looks like a promising sci-fi adventure, and you know, as a spin-off they’re probably intentionally going for a new feel. Force Awakens basically gave us the perfected Star Wars movie, and it beautifully pandered to everything we could’ve dreamed of from the revival; but let’s be honest, it was a (however beautifully) rehashed Episode IV. Now it makes sense for Disney to prove they’re bringing something fresh to the series: new composer, no Jedi.

    My only concern at this point is that Jyn does seem a little too similar to Rey. Your example, comparing Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans, only works because they’re too very different actors playing very different characters. Felicity Jones and Daisy Ridley have a surprising resemblance (giving birth to the fan theory that … Jyn gave birth to Rey). This would have been a great chance (and the same could’ve been said of Rey) to bring in a little more diversity in a lead role. But, as long as they put in the effort to develop her character into more than a Mary Sue, it should turn out all right.

    Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of sci-fi in general; I always watched Star Wars for the Jedi. The main reason I’m definitely going to see this movie as soon as it comes out is Donnie Yen. The prospect of seeing my favorite martial arts movie star in a Star Wars movie excites me more than anything else. (I kinda hope he’ll be force sensitive, but honestly Donnie Yen doesn’t really need the force.)

    • In fact, I’ll add this: the example with Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. works because there’s a (excuse me but this is going to be a very intentional pun yes indeed) stark contrast between their characters, to the point that they’re going to end up waging outright war on each other. I hope that’s what’s going to happen with Rey and Jyn; not to that extreme (after all, Rey’s a little too unborn to fight Jyn), but I’d like to see contrast. And if they are mother and daughter, I want to see that contrast even more. Luke had to struggle with being a little too much like his evil father; I want to see Rey struggle with her identity knowing she’s nothing like the heroic mother who still loves her, or maybe died bravely. Obviously that’s a lot of extrapolating from mere speculation, but the point is I do hope to see that contrast there between Rey and Jyn as characters.

  4. People complain about anything. When a movie doesn’t have black actors, they complain. When they cast a black actor for a white character, they complain. When the lead is a male, they complain that it’s not a female. When the lead is a female, they complain that it’s a female. When the movie is made with a dark tone, they complain. When the movie is family friendly, they complain. This is what happens when you give 12 year-olds or people who just had a fight with their spouses cell phones and internet connection.

  5. Yeah right… The second Star Wars movie in a row with a female protagonist?!? This can only mean, that its basically just a ripoff of “The Force Awakens”, right? Or the “Hunger Games”, because… um… that had a female protagonist too. And if Jyn pulls out two blaster pistols at once, my time will come and Ill be the first to post “TOMB RAIDER RIPOFF!!!”.

    Oh and… dont forget: The movie has Storm Troopers and AT-ATs, so this can only mean, that they´re ripping off “Empire Strikes Back” now, instead of “A New Hope” like they did with “The Force Awakens”.

    Seriously… This is just ridiculous.

  6. We’re getting a new Star Wars movie every year for who knows how long and people are complaining?

  7. Reblogged this on Blog with a Dog and commented:

    I really like this take on Rogue One, as I really enjoyed it and seeing the backlash has really gotten me down and just… this kind of keeps it real while shutting down all the haters!

  8. As a female, a person of color, and above all a huge Star Wars fan, I’m super excited with the casting. What’s great about Rey, Finn, Poe, or Jyn is that they’re characters first and foremost, not stereotypes of their race and gender. Also this trailer builds a lot of tension and the style is just beautiful. December can’t come soon enough!!!

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