Netflix is Making Us Hate Movies

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This week on Now Conspiring (that other movie podcast), we discuss the various news of the week, ranging from new movie announcements and some later developments on films we’re anticipating.

We also debate the future of streaming, led by Netflix and Amazon — begging the question, Will movies change forever because of how we watch them? 

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: We have two! First, what is your favorite manga and/or anime (we all share ours). Second, do you think streaming sites like Netflix are killing movie theater experiences, or will change them?


00:00:00 – Truth for Truth

00:06:28 – Show overview & short review for Justice League vs. Teen Titans

00:09:56 – Suicide Squad is getting reshoots because…

00:14:37 – Here’s everything we know about the upcoming sequel to The Shining. 

00:18:38 – Universal is making a Snow White movie featuring someone unexpected.

00:25:30 – Hans Zimmer is retiring from composing “superhero films”

00:36:27 – Finding Dory has some new, revealing character designs coming out.

00:39:05 – We all talk about our favorite manga, and ask listeners to chime in.

00:48:49 – Main Segment: What is the future of streaming, and movies themselves?

01:04:29 – Feedback: We read and answer your comments from last week.

01:17:39 – Coming Soon: We cover what’s coming to theaters this weekend.

This week’s cast:

Jon NegroniKayla SavageMaria Garcia, and Adonis Gonzalez.

13 thoughts on “Netflix is Making Us Hate Movies

  1. There’s still something about going to an actual movie theater, you can’t replicate the atmosphere/ambiance…

  2. I had 3 favorite animes. Now not sure which of them I still like the same.
    1st was great, awesome anime, my first anime of this genre. But it got cut off due to producers making plot mistakes and stuff and they cut off half of last season. now they’re making a Rainbow Live by making new season with brand new, not related, characters. I’m not sure how I feel about it… (Aikatsu!)
    2nd is great, but the subs hadn’t reached halfway of season and it’s already over (S3 is coming tomorrow) (PriPara)
    3rd is awesome but it’s every season has new characters in same universe type and last epic season is over and the newest season is not that interesting as the previous. (Pretty Cure)

    though the best anime and manga for me is probably Full Moon wo Sagashite – so tearful and sad and stuff… I can’t…

  3. First: I started watching RWBY (read ‘Ruby’ if you’re not familiar) last year without really knowing what it was. I didn’t find out it was considered anime until after. That is the only anime experience I’ve ever had, so by default it is both my favorite and least favorite anime.

    Second: You guys know how I feel about movies. I believe that we will eventually get a point where our forms of entertainment are so beyond what we are currently experiencing that it will have to be named something else because the term “movie” no longer applies to it. But as far as Netflix and other streaming sites go, I believe that something is going to change and rather soon at that. It might be movies, it might be streaming, it might be television itself. I’m not really sure. But for this business to continue propelling forward on the course that it is on, something will have to change. Maybe all of it will. Another thing to take into account the expanding VR world and tech. With the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive coming into the mainstream, that is changing up the world of entertainment. Sure, it’s just for video games. But that’s just for the time being. It will change movies and TV as well. Maybe not directly, but with our constantly changing technology and our burning desire to experience new things and discover new horizons, everything is going to change. And it will be quite rapid.

  4. I don’t watch a lot of anime, so I can’t answer that question properly. (But I do like Doraemon)
    Netflix is killing movies and theaters? It’s actually changing them for the better because it forces other movies to compete to create good movies and shows in order to keep them interested. I can’t think of any other words…

  5. Adonis, since you watch One Punch Man as well, can you settle a debate? Do you think Saitama looks more like an older, more buff, Japanese version of Caillou or a peeled potato? As you can see me and my friends ask the hard hitting questions – in fact, don’t feel bad if you can’t answer it. It’s fine. I get it.

    Hey guys, will I need to prepare myself for a long life of living in Maria’s basement? Because if so I’m going to need to train myself – I’ll probably need a new fitness regimen and everything. What do you guys think of sleeping in a horse carcass and/or eating raw fish? Yay or nay? I heard it worked super well for Leonardo DiCaprio.

    Kayla, if Jon doesn’t write you a lengthy paragraph telling you about his feelings, I will. Just say the word.
    (It may be a bit hard to capture his voice – there’s a certain snark and sarcasm there that is very unique to him – but I’m willing to give it a shot)

    P.S. Where is Mike? Did he recover from whatever he was suffering from?

  6. Your Lie in April!! So beautiful…. Made me cry… ;(

  7. While I am one who gave up cable and love Netflix, I would say no, it does not make me hate movies. Just like the as Kindle can not replace a book, Netflix will not replace movies. We used to think HBO would replace movie theatres but it never happened.

  8. I’m strictly a film person, and this limitation applies to anime as well. Since the anime industry is primarily series-based, that does limit my options—everything Studio Ghibli (about two dozen films), and then individual directors such as:
    — Mamoru Hosoda
    (Summer Wars, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Wolf Children, The Boy & The Beast),
    — Makoto Shinkai
    (5 Centimeters Per Second, Children Who Chase Lost Voices, Voices Of A Distant Star),
    — Satoshi Kon
    (Millennium Actress, Perfect Blue, Paprika, Tokyo Godfathers),
    — Katsushiro Otomo
    (Akira, Steamboy, Memories [as executive producer and director of the 1st segment], and other anthology films),
    — Mamoru Oshii
    (Ghost In The Shell, The Sky Crawlers),
    — Takeshi Koike
    and others. I seek out any new stand-alone anime films.

  9. My favorite anime movie is ‘Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind’ and my favorite anime series (the only I’ve watched) is Glass Mask.
    Another good Studio Ghibli film is ‘The Wind Rises’. Studio Ghibli movies are pretty much the extent of my anime experience.

  10. About 4 years ago I used to go to the cinema every week, I had a membership card which made it about £4 on a Monday, they stopped doing it so I stopped going as much, now I hardly go at all, it’s just too expensive, more like £14 a ticket, I’ve also moved out of the city so it’s not as easy to get there. The last time I went to the cinema I went to see deadpool we ended up next to this super annoying guy who kept humming the songs and laughing every few seconds. Seriously deadpool wasn’t THAT funny was it? Anyway to answer the question, Netflix isn’t killing the experience, it’s killing itself. I would like to see straight to Netflix movies, they’ve done alright with Netflix originals series, could be interesting because it needs shaking up, they’re charging more and more for tickets but for what?


    I missed a comment last week, which I’m pretty sure is the first time I haven’t commented in a while. I skipped the episode because I hadn’t seen BvS, and, I’m going to be honest, this show has a record of accidentally spoiling things before getting to the actual Spoiler Review. Watched it, listened to last weeks, some thoughts:

    I liked BvS. and Man on Steel. I’m going to admit though that I am heavily biased toward DC, so I’m not going to write out a full review. Jon, you liked the art of Kingdom Come, I recommend Marvels. Story is totally different, but same artist. It’s about a regular guy living in the 60’s who lives in the world Marvel Comics during the 60’s to 80’s. Good read. And now realizing the difficulty of pronouncing my name, you can take out the “E” if it helps. Noticing that one of the big things you made fun of in BvS was the whole “Martha” thing, I am here to defend!(This is my opinion) “SPOILERS SPOILERS”: When Batman had the spear up to Supermans neck, and heard the name Martha, he remembered what he stood for, and that he was now in same situation as Joe Chill vs. Thomas and Martha Wayne, Batman let Superman go and went to go help out a innocent person. Doesn’t explain why they became best friends though. End of “SPOILERS SPOILERS”

    Back to this week: Answering the Question of the week: I don’t really read Manga, but I do watch some Anime. Recently, my favorites are One-Punch Man and Ace Attorney (it just began this week in Japan, been a video game for 15 years). But if I were to have to go back to bigger anime, it would have to be G Gundam. As for the whole Netflix thing, I do believe that Netflix and other streaming sites like Hulu are forces to be reckoned with. I use Netflix primarily for TV Shows, but I’ll watch a classic movie that I have yet to see, since Netflix is pretty good with that. Move Theaters are really going to have to up their game if they want to be a threat, like have some super innovative way to experience a movie, allow them to be around for a longer time, or lower movie tickets. More people are going to go see a movie if it’s cheaper, so I’m sure it breaks even at some point.

  12. They closed my local Blockbuster a couple days ago and I’m getting the feels.

  13. Hello, conspiracy caramel apples. I personally would hate to think that streaming might take over the theater experience one day, but I’m afraid that’s what might happen. As for the second question, the only anime I’ve watched are a couple of Miyazaki movies and Avatar: The Last Airbender, and I don’t know if those even count. And finally, Maria. I want you to know that I now check my Skype constantly, and will instantly reply to any message if I’m not doing anything. Farewell, friends, and go eat a blanket.

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