Batman and Superman VS the Rest of Us

batman v superman podcast

This week on the podcast, the Now Conspiring team conspires about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with a spoiler free review followed by a super spoilery discussion (warnings will come).

We also welcome a guest to the show, frequent commenter Bridget Serdock! You can check out more of her work via the links below.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Which upcoming DC Cinematic Universe movie are you most excited about?


00:00:00 – Questions for Bridget

00:03:52 – The interesting casting of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

00:08:38 – How fans and critics are responding to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

00:18:49 – The awesomeness of the comic book standalone, “Kingdom Come.”

00:23:59 – Feedback: We answer your questions and comments from last week.

00:40:58 –Coming Soon: We cover what’s coming to theaters this week.

00:45:55 – Review: Daredevil (Season 2)

01:37:46 – Spoiler-FREE Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 

This week’s cast:

Jon NegroniKayla SavageMaria GarciaAdonis Gonzalez, Bridget Serdock

Artwork by Don-Jack

12 thoughts on “Batman and Superman VS the Rest of Us

  1. Which DC Universe movie? None of them. Which Arrowverse episode? Supergirl and The Flash crossover.

    There are fights of 2016 that will be better than this. Dante vs Bayonetta, Bowser vs Ganondorf, Iron Man vs Captain America, Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump vs The Republicans, and more.

    I heard stories of people knowing this movie will be bad, but they want to see it anyway.

  2. I was watching The Incredibles when something hit me. Superman did infinitely more damage than everyone in The Incredibles, yet Superman doesn’t get condemned or sued or registered, but celebrated and treated like a god.
    At least Marvel knew this logic with their superheroes.

  3. Suicide Squad, definitely. I feel like this is a big year for unlikely (anti)heroes.

    I myself am Canadian, so I spell colour with a “u”. I think, like with the imperial units, the States is only place where you spell it “color”. But don’t quote me on that.

    I’m going to get really personal now, if you don’t mind.

    (This episode made me feel feelings)

    Now Conspiring was my first ever podcast. And I could’ve gotten tired of it, but due to the always entertaining segments (what IS up with Brie Larson?) and the ever growing cast (I think this podcast has the biggest cast of all the podcasts I listen to) and how you guys are so commenter inclusive (I.e. Having Sam and Bridget as guests) and just the passion you guys have for movies, everything, and everything makes me so eager for each new episode. So thank you for that, and sorry about the run on sentence. I’ll just awkwardly… slink away now.

    • Thanks Jenny, we can’t be conspirin’ without the support of commenters like you! 🙂

  4. I think i want Bridget to be my new BFF. She’s super cool. The DC movie I’m looking forward to is Justice League Part 1.

  5. I’m not looking forward to any of the upcoming movies. They don’t sound like anything I’d want to watch, and Dawn of Justice definitely threw me off. Plus, I’ve always been more of a a Marvel geek.

  6. Please come back and do Game of Thrones episodes, I loved them last year. I must admit that I enjoy TV shows than movies, I loved chuck, that was a great one!
    The DC movie I am most looking forward to is Suicide Squad, I love Snart becoming a hero in Legends of Tomorrow and I hope that this movie will be a bit like that. It also has the best trailer so far, although that could be because of Bohemian Rhapsody!

    • I enjoy TV shows MORE than movies, that was meant to say. It’s the middle of the night here…I’m very tired 😂

  7. Greetings, conspirers. I don’t really want to answer the question of the week, since I gave up on superhero movies around the time Age of Ultron came out, which is why I also didn’t see Batman v Superman and therefore couldn’t listen to the spoiler review. I didn’t watch Daredevil on Netflix either, so much of the show was completely lost on me. I still enjoyed it, though, and was glad to hear another new voice this week. But, if you don’t mind, I’d like to get serious for a moment.

    A few of you on the show (you know who you are) have contacted me through other means of social media, and it made me realize that I haven’t commented in nearly a month. That is four weeks of potential comments that may have made you laugh, or think about something you wouldn’t have thought about before, or just make you glad to hear what I wrote. I don’t mean to put myself on too high of a pedestal, but I feel like I’ve done those things before and I think I could’ve done them again, had I not been neglectful. I try to bring laughter and joy to other people’s lives as much as I can, however temporary or unsuccessfully my efforts may be. For me to not even try to bring laughter to you on the show and all the people listening was ignorant, lazy, and maybe even a little stupid of me. I have gone against one of my principle philosophies, and wasted an opportunity for laughter. I know all this may seem unnecessary, and it may seem like I’m overreacting, but I wanted you to know how serious this is to me, and I wanted to let you know that I will do all that is humanly possible to not let this happen again. Thank you, Conspirers, for being with me for a little while each week. I hope I can do the same.

  8. The DC movie I’m looking forward to is Wonder Woman. Only good thing that came from BvS.

  9. Yooooooooooooo wazzup.

    I haven’t seen BvS, and due to my lack of enjoyment of Man of Steel (and the bad reviews) I’m not catching this one in the theater. But my opinion (on the question of the week) is pretty much unchanged- no matter what Warner Bros. does, Suicide Squad looks really entertaining. Just, that bizarre, fun way, although I feel the new trailers are working too hard to make us feel Guardians of the Galaxy-esque vibes. After that, I’m really intrigued by “Green Lantern Corps.” Never having read any comics, I like the idea of a space buddy-cop movie (which I believe is the plan) and Chris Pine has definitely proven himself more than qualified for that sort of role. Now if only it will be allowed to be entertaining…

  10. Sad news because Alan Rickman died the Harry Potter prequel entitled Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them has been cancelled.

    April Fools! I dont particularly care for superheroes or their movies except for the Dark Night. Cant wait for Dory and the liveaction Jungle Book.

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