Insurgently Allegiant to Divergent Detergent

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This week on the Now Conspiring podcast, my cohosts and I review The Divergent Series: Allegiant, discuss a ton of new trailers, and talk about a cool new thing called “The Screening Room.”

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Would you like to have a box in your living room that lets you watch NEW theatrical releases for $50 a ticket?


00:00:00 – South by Southwest

00:03:50 – Thoughts on the new X-Men: Apocalypse trailer

00:06:29 – Some interesting news concerning Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

00:12:00 – None of us agree on the new Legend of Tarzan trailer

00:16:18 – Adonis explains “The Screening Room”

00:23:09 – Review: The Divergent Series: Allegiant

00:40:02 – So Indiana Jones 5 is now a thing. New Black Cauldron movie? Alice Through the Looking Glass and Ben-Hur trailer talk.

00:56:49 – Feedback: We answer your questions and comments from last week.

01:15:09 – Coming Soon: We cover what’s coming to theaters this week.

This week’s cast:

Jon NegroniKayla SavageMaria GarciaAdonis Gonzalez

9 thoughts on “Insurgently Allegiant to Divergent Detergent

  1. I apologize in advance for the LONG comment, but I need to get this posted so that you can talk about it next week.
    My answer to your question: No
    Also, since this is the last chance we can legitimately talk about Zootopia before the Superheroes begin fighting, let me say that the movie’s original concept starred Nick Wilde and the city was planned as a dystopia where the prey hated and feared the predators so bad that every single predator was forced to wear ‘tame collars’ that shocked them every time they get primitive and sometimes dangerous like getting too angry or excited.
    One more thing, I liked Divergent and Insurgent was decent, but it Allegiant will suck. Allegiant will be a horrible movie that will be about Tris and Four finding the society that started all this while trying to find another box that solves everything and Ascendant will be about Tris and Four arguing about things irrelevant to anything until the movie ending without any good fights with…ANOTHER BOX. (Also XXXX lives in the end)

  2. I would love to have the “Screening Room” in my own house, as it would complete the Home Theatre. But on the flipside, it is really expensive (especially for not even allowing the keeping of the movie) and I go to the movies alone and can often correctly guess when the theatre will be at its emptiest. I doubt that the SR will change the entire face of home entertainment, based on price alone. Redbox has stayed prominent for so long because of its seemingly low price. It really is difficult to determine how broad the scope of these kinds of things are. Digital Comic Books are becoming a bigger and bigger thing, and many of the physical comic stores in towns that I have lived are shutting down, but on the other end, regular book stores are still going strong. It all depends on the kind of people that this is marketed to. In this case, hardcore film buffs or people who hate going to the movies. Most people will find more comfort in going to a movie theatre.

  3. Hey peeps:
    First off, as to your comments last week- I’d like to point out that since you “accused” me of being the “Now Conspirer” and J.J. Abrams, you basically said that the Now Conspirer IS Mr. Abrams himself.


    Haha. Interesting about the Black Cauldron. Like you, Jon, I never read Harry Potter when I was little. My childhood fantasy intake was Tolkien, Narnia, and Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain “Black Cauldron” books. So I’m excited, and a bit nervous, about such a part of my childhood being adapted for the big screen (the right way).

    Anyway, as to the question of the week, a firm NO! That would ruin the movie experience for me. I’m totally for a home theater, but for after the theatrical run. Part of the new movie experience for me is the fun of going to the theater with friends, finding a good seat, sitting through increasingly homogenous trailers*, noisy people in front, an annoying couple making out behind, and of course, lousy overpriced popcorn. Gotta love it.

    *(Note: here’s a new drinking game: take a shot every time a trailer uses the Inception noise)

    PS: That is my guitar in the profile picture!

  4. I would most definitely want to get the Screening Room in my house if it ever pans out. Coming from a family of six, spending $50 for us all to see a singular movie as opposed to $84 (estimating a $14 ticket) is super nice. Plus, I have even more cousins and friends who all love seeing the same movies as me. So this would definitely be a plus. It will, however, shake up the movie world and would probably throw off how much a movie grosses. Because when people go to the movies, it’s pretty clear how many people saw it. If we were to have the Screening Room in even half the houses across only America, those numbers would be thrown off drastically since there really is no limit to the number of people going to watch this movie at once. So big studios and theaters might fight this for a while, but they’re not the final say. We as the consumers are. If this becomes big enough of a thing in the public eye, and if enough consumers get their voices heard saying that they want it, then it will happen

  5. I don’t think I’d want a box like that. Part of the fun in going to the theater is that you GO to the theater. It has a something that you can’t duplicate at home.
    Also, 50 bucks a ticket? Are you crazy?!

  6. I don’t see movies in theatres often, and when I do I’m not really put off by the other people there, so I would have to say no to the Screening Room.

  7. I don’t think I would ever want to get a movie box. It’s too expensive and I love the experience of going out to the movies. And about my comment from last week, the entire ARG thing came from websites across the internet run by Paramount and Bad Robot. It’s all officially canon, but many casual movie goers don’t know about it because it requires research. There is a huge subreddit about it and a website called cloverfield clues.

  8. I don’t know what to think of the Screening Room. I don’t really care for it. Sorry.

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