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This week on Now Conspiring, we review 10 Cloverfield LaneBrothers Grimsby, and Spider-man’s new suit. We also chat in length about the new Game of Thrones trailer for Season 6.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What do you think the next “Cloverfield” movie should be about?

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00:00:00 – What’s a podcast?

00:00:54 – Captain America: Civil War trailer and new Spidey suit

00:21:50 – Game of Thrones Season 6 trailer breakdown

00:42:48 – Review: Brothers Grimsby

00:51:00 – Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane

01:19:24 – Feedback: We answer your questions and comments from last week.

01:42:47 – Coming Soon: We cover what’s coming to theaters this week.

This week’s cast:

Jon NegroniKayla SavageMaria GarciaAdonis Gonzalez

26 thoughts on “Ten Cloverfield Names

  1. This would be crazy, but the next Cloverfield movie should contain someone being possessed to be obsessed Bondage or Petplay or something BDSM that would make 50 Shades of Grey look like a kid’s movie. I should stop at this point in order to stop being creepy.

  2. Awesome new logo, Nice show as usual, Awesome Star Wars Twitter thing ive been showing it to everybody and theyve been lol’ing. I am not familiar woth the Cloverfield franchise so i feel my abilities inadequate in answering the question of the week.

  3. Hey um can you guys help me? My ipads been messing up all weekend and kne of the things messing up is autocorrect whoch for some reason i dont have anymore.

  4. That entire interaction with the civil war trailer (“you talked over the best part!”) was too relatable. Also, the next Cloverfield movie should star a preacher who tries to make religious sense out of the alien invasion. Sort of like what Adonis is reading, but better.

  5. I would love to see a Cloverfield movie that takes place in a middle school during a typical school day. The main character has a guide to surviving the perils of classes, the opposite gender, and bullies. Oh and some of the students are aliens I guess.

  6. Here is my reason for why Black Panther is on Team Iron Man: Black Panther is the leader of Wakanda, who I would think has some kind partnership with the U.S. for Vibranium export (since Wakanda is the world’s only supplier of Vibranium), and which I assume is a large part of Wakanda’s income. By Black Panther being on Team Captain America, he would be rebelling against the U.S. Government, and they would probably cut all ties with Wakanda. I don’t know Black Panther’s motive for even being in the fight, but Iron Man seems like his only choice (even though I’m pretty sure he’ll be 85% independent). I really love Spider-Man’s new costume. I was very worried how they would animate Spider-Man’s eyes. I always thought that the static eyes really subtracted from his personality. I can’t speak for this question of the week, since I only vaguely remember the first Cloverfield and have yet to see 10 Cloverfield Lane.

    • I misunderstood the question of the week. Here is what I think they should do next: Similar to The Fly or the Invisible Man, a man experiments on himself and ends up slowly turning himself into a monster. He lives in this unaccepting small town full of hatred where he is constantly mocked. The “infection” begins small, like small patches of skin changes until he fully forms into a monster. As it spreads, the changes in chemistry and the hating people slowly turn his mind into a completely psychotic bipolar mental thing where he is completely just serial killing. Towards the end he would basically be like a bigger, scarier, and more psychotic Gollum.

        • Thank you! I designed it myself like with all of the other logos (which is probably obvious).

  7. For the next Cloverfield movie, I actually have one of my own original ideas that could possibly work in this universe. I’ll have to alter it a little to have it make sense in reference to the original (since I’ve yet to see 10 Cloverfield Lane). Similar to Adonis’s idea, it takes place in a city removed from the rest of the world. But instead of being in a dome and unaware of the outside world, this city is protected by a wall that surrounds it and the inhabitants know all too well of the dangers lying outside. The wall is manned night and day by people called Watchers who are essentially the police and protectors of the city. Beyond the city walls is a wasteland just destroyed by the nuclear and chemical fallout of the fight against Clover in New York City and whatever comes next. The parasites featured in Cloverfield carried a virus with them that entered the human population and destroyed another portion of the world. None of this will be explained of course, because we need some confusion and a lot to be left unsaid.

    In this city, they believe that they are the last human civilization left since they lost radio contact and satellite feeds about fifty years ago. The virus, which they call the Strain, has a high mortality rate but certain members are actually immune to it and their blood is used as a treatment for the remaining residents of the city. One Watcher, who happens to be immune to the Strain, is on duty one day when he sees something approaching the walls. The protocol is to shoot on sight, but he hesitates since it moves differently than the parasites and other monsters beyond the walls. When the figure drops to the ground, he breaks protocol, ignores direct orders, and leaves the confines of the city to help the figure. It turns out that it’s a girl running away from a safe zone across the wasteland. When she arrives, the Strain gets into the city and starts killing off most of the population. Soon enough, the rest of the city learns that they are no longer the last remaining civilization. The military from the safe zone the girl came from arrives to bring her back when they learn that the city in question has actually survived all this time. Promising to come back and help them beat the Strain, they bring the girl and almost every other immune resident back to where they come from. The last shot could be of an airdrop on the city that may or may not contain explosives or some other deadly objects. All the while whatever military leader was in charge of the retrieval of the girl voices over how with the girl back in the safe zone and the other immune citizens, they finally have everything they need to finish the job. To be extra creepy, they could call the people “anomalies” or give them identification numbers instead of names.

    Sorry for the long comment. Again.

  8. Sorry for not commenting on last week’s podcast, I felt like I had nothing to contribute.

    I’ve never watched any of the Cloverfield movies, but I would love to see a film noir where people are born with their soulmate’s name on one arm and their archnemesis’s on the other and they must go about life figuring out which is which. Unlike Bridget, though (whose idea is so original, gah you’re so good at everything), you can credit tumblr for this one.

    Side note : both Korra and Asami are bisexual. Not offended, Kayla, just thought you’d like to know.

    In other news, I bought a BB8 Funko Pop last week (finally) and as much as I love it, I’m still jealous that Jon and Kayla have that actual droid. Why must capitalism be this way.

    So sorry for bordering on creepy (re: last last week’s comment about Sam), I’ll try to contain my enthusiasm next time.

    • Well, I’m not good at everything. I can’t dance to save my life

      • Agreed. People also call me annoying to the nth degree.

  9. I am a big fan of the ARG (Alternate Reality Game) surrounding the Cloverfield movies. It goes into detail about minor things in the movies, such as a girl passed out on a couch in the first movie. A big part of the ARG is a fictional company called Tagruato. This company has four separate branches that each develop their own products. The first branch is Slusho (which shows up in other JJ Abrams movies) In the first movie, the monster was awoken by this company mining for an ingredient in Slusho. The second branch is Bold Futura which runs satellites and correlates with 10 Cloverfield Lane. The other two, Yoshida Medical Group, and ParaFun! Wax Distributors have yet to be explored. I think the next movie should involve a doctor working at Yoshida who experiments on victims (dead or alive) of monster attacks. It would delve into what happens after a monster hurts you, like what happened when you were bit by a parasites in the original. One of the experiments would go horribly wrong, letting some sort of mutated monster-human hybrid roam the hospital/research center. The military doctor who is the lead would be trying to find a way to destroy this beast while they are trapped in the building with it. Also, I saw 10 Cloverfield lane, and it was absolutely phenomenal. PS: Sorry for the long comment

    • (Read in a Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Shrunken Head Voice)

      Um, hi. Sorry I haven’t commented in FOREVER. I’ve just been busy hanging with my friends and family. Also Life is crazy in the way of getting you to do one thing when you have a plan to do another. Anyways I have never seen any Cloverfield movies but due to the way you guys talk about them I am very interested. What are they rated? Anyways maybe I can touch upon an issue from a previous podcast. The whole Antz Vs. A Bug’s Life thing I could explain since I’m very well versed in it. However I think my friends Garreth and Andy can explain better for me. So just go to the podcast store and look up: Best Forgotten Movies. Within the first two episodes they talk at length about the films, the controversy, and how they are intrinsically linked by a man named Jeffery Katzenburg (who was not named Jerry and was not a Newsie Kayla jk) anyways I must leave you with only this to say: Please have 3 podcasts 1 where you rate the Pixar films, 1 where you rate the DreamWorks films and finally one where you rate the Dianey animated classics. You can find all of that information on IMDB. Farewell my friends.

          • Hey um Mango? Could I join you guys in your little film group please? I have vast information in some of these movies I think would be quite valuable.

  10. I think the next Cloverfield movie should focus on a couple that are in a shelter with a population of 137 people. Before the attack the couple planned on raising a child and starting a family. 5 months in the pregnancy and the events of the first movie occur and they manage to escape and find shelter. 4 months later the baby is born. Unfortunately, the mother dies 2 days later. With the lack of supplies the community couldn’t do much for them. This is the first 17 minutes of the movie setting it up. From there on out we go through the kids 6th, 13th, and 18th birthday. We can see how is life is affected by his surrounds and see what he grows up to become.

  11. Hey guys,
    Actually, I’ve been listening all the way back since this was called “Agents of FILM”, so creepy or not, maybe I AM the true conspirer, always lurking in the shadows……(or maybe I’m just always listening on the go, and forget to comment when I get home….)
    Anyway, question of the week:
    So the next Cloverfield movie should- if it’s following the Twilight Zone roots of a horror-ish anthology- be made in black and white, but they could grainey it up and actually make it look old. The plot would have to be something that would fit the time period (like the mid ’50s) and it should feel like it was made then, only with modern SFX. So maybe like a dark twist on the play Harvey where the main character lives in a world where he sees the monsters, but no one else does. (and there’s always some convenient excuse for denying their existence) to the point where the audience isn’t sure who’s actually crazy- the guy, or everyone else. The audience should think it’s some sort of prequel, and that the guy is the only sane one, and at the end (SPOILER FOR FAKE MOVIE) it all turns on its head and he’s a mental patient (in a 2016, color-filmed hospital) and the entire movie is a hallucination.

    So yeah.
    Peace out folks, and keep up the good work.
    (P.S. Did Adonis ever go on that second date? Or is that conspiratorically classified conspiritorical information?)
    (P.P.S. Good job Cayla and Jon, answering the marriage question. Awkward.)

    • Welcome to the comment section man! You’re gonna love it here. Whether you want to or not. Yay!

  12. I’ve never seen a cloverfield movie, so I can’t answer this week’s question. However I have a question/request for you all. Do you guys watch the Netflix Marvel shows, and if so, can you guys review Jessica Jones and season 1 & 2 of Daredevil? Also love listening to your show.

  13. OMG Sam from Lord of the Rings is a blonde, not a ginger!!!
    (Sorry I just love these movies and I can’t help but correct you guys).

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