The First Trailer for ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 is Here

I choose violence.

The tone here suggests that we’ve passed the typical part of any story where everything falls apart for our main characters. Daenerys is in captivity, Cersei and Jaime are struggling for control, the North is firmly under the control of the Boltons, and one of our heroes is dead. What comes next will hopefully be several marks above the transitional Season 5 that merged the two most recent books in A Song of Ice and Fire.

In other words, I have no idea what’s going to happen (especially with that shot of Bran and the Night’s King together). And it will remain that way considering the fact that George R.R. Martin won’t release the book this season is based on (Winds of Winter) until next winter (most likely).

Also, is that Stark armor I see? The North remembers, after all.

Extra Credits:

  • That man burning upside down has been flayed, which makes me believe that it could be Stannis, especially since it’s coupled with Melisandre’s voiceover that “the flames were a lie.” No word yet on whether or not Brienne spared or killed him, but it would make sense that she’d leave him there for the Boltons.
  • It would appear Dany has returned to the homeland of the Dothraki, judging by what appears to be a horse statue. She appears to be a slave at the moment.
  • We knew the Greyjoys would be a focus of this new season (their arc has been largely ignored, despite their importance in Feast for Crows and Dance with Dragons), but it was still pleasant to see this gain attention at 0:44. I won’t spoil what I think they’re uniting over.
  • Sansa looks better than usual at the moment. She’s either with the Greyjoys or (more likely) elements of the North still loyal to the Starks. Later, we do see Littlefinger in the snowy north, so his involvement is also likely.
  • No idea what Tyrion is uncovering in that cave, or what his story will be this season apart from cleaning up the mess of Meereen (which doesn’t seem all that exciting).
  • Drogon!
  • Strange that Tommen and Cersei are framed almost in opposition. If Cersei’s crimes are to believed, then the Sparrows are sure to attempt his overthrow this season. But I wouldn’t be surprised if High Sparrow used this opportunity to make mother and son enemies.
  • Not much of a development with Arya. Just a punch from the Waif. Either she’s mad (as usual), or Arya is in the thick of her training. Or both.
  • There’s just a brief shot of Margaery, who appears to remain in captivity.
  • At 1:06, you can clearly see men in Stark armor unless I’m horribly mistaken (that flag looks like an upside down direwolf to me).
  • Next we see Theon with what appear to be Stark soldiers (perhaps Bolton?), but then it quickly jumps to him with Greyjoy soldiers in a different timeline (he even has more facial hair). Unless that’s actually his uncle, Euron, being drowned as a ritual. If so, that’s superb casting.
  • Brienne kills a Bolton soldier in the same looking woods as where we left her. I want to assume she’s in the middle of escaping the North.
  • At 1:12, we get the shot that has most people cheering. Melisandre undresses, which is quickly followed up by someone else putting his hands over the eyes of Jon Snow. This doesn’t prove much, but it has many people wondering if she really is going to resurrect him. For me, I want something less obvious to happen.
  • A boy we don’t know jumps into the streets of what appears to be King’s Landing. I hope this is a flashback.
  • …Targaryen soldiers, as evidenced by the symbol on the one soldier’s breastplate. Now this is either a flashback to the Tower of Joy fiasco, or…well it just has to be, right? And if so, that better be Arthur Dayne doing the dual wielding.
  • There’s a quick shot of Tormund Giantsbane standing in front of Bolton soldiers. The easy assumption is that he’s fighting them as a wildling, but I’m not convinced. What if the Boltons actually recruited him after the massacre at the Wall? Who else would ally with the wildlings, anyway? Perhaps it’s just as simple as him leading his people away from the chaos and joining up with the Stark loyalists, which makes more sense.
  • We see Margaery again, only this time accepting forgiveness (probably) from the High Sparrow. It seems she’s followed Cersei’s lead.
  • I think that’s Yara Greyjoy making out with a girl we haven’t met.
  • Arya glances up to reveal her blind eyes. Freaky.
  • Bran finds himself next to the Night’s King, the leader of the white walkers. This is obviously just a vision since he’s standing.
  • Davos takes out longclaw presumably to fight some treacherous crows. Good, as long as Ghost is fighting too (is he OK?)
  • That song is Wicked Game by James Vincent McMorrow.

5 thoughts on “The First Trailer for ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 is Here

  1. What is HYPE may never die.

  2. I’m so much more excited about Game of Thrones than I was last year. now that we’re past Feast, i feel like the story is finally ramping up.

  3. Seriously though, where the f*** is Rickon.

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I now am even more psyched about this season!

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