The Ultimate Pixar Movie

ultimate pixar movie

This week on the podcast, we each pitch what we think would be the ultimate Pixar movie. Creativity somewhat included.

We also review Gods of EgyptEddie the Eagle, and Fuller House (sort of). I’m joined by illustrator Kayla Savage, film writer Adonis Gonzalez, YouTube personality Maria Garcia, and a surprise guest…

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Do you think the Oscars matter? Also, what should we name our Pixar movie?

Let us know your thoughts (and your favorite podcast moments) in the comments, which we may read on next week’s show! And be sure to rate the podcast on iTunes and/or Stitcher, where you can also download this episode. Or just Tweet us…@NowConspiring


00:00:00 – Introductions

00:03:01 – Adonis tells us all about his recent date.

00:09:55 – Review: Fuller House 

00:24:25 – Review: Love

00:36:05 – Question of the Week: We debate whether or not the Oscars matter.

00:49:53 – Main Segment: We pitch the ultimate Pixar movie.

01:33:50 – Feedback: We read and answer your comments from last week’s show

001:51:20 – ReviewGods of Egypt

00:42:47 – Review: Eddie the Eagle

01:59:10 – Movie Releases: We cover what’s coming to theaters this week.

28 thoughts on “The Ultimate Pixar Movie

  1. Hey, I love reading your posts, but do you think you could post the entire thing in the email? People are actually more likely to open the page and comment if there isn’t a read-more (this is actually the first “read-more” email I have ever commented on). It’s just irritating to get to the bottom of the email and see that there’s a button to read the rest – I always just move onto the next email, because it’s that annoying.

  2. I do not plan to see the Oscars, but they are certainly a special TV event.
    Such a movie may be called Mixed Pixar.

  3. First: For your Ultimate Pixar Movie, I think it should be titled “The Hooverville Experiments”.

    Second: I do believe that the Oscars are important. I think that they allow for up-and-coming actors, directors, special effects geniuses, costume designers, and all the other amazing people that make movies to further their careers. Of course it’s also a prestigious event that shows who’s the best of the best (or at least it’s supposed to). But more than that, it gives the general public a reason to look at movies critically. Most people who talk about movies on the internet do this on a daily basis. But the average moviegoer doesn’t. They just go to the theater and say whether it was good, bad, or somewhere in between. The Oscars give us a chance to call out the Academy, who are supposed to be the best at what they do, and to have intelligent discussions amongst ourselves.

  4. I do believe that I have a few ideas for your best Pixar movie thing this week. May I point out some sequels like Monsters Inc., A Bugs Life, Up, and Ratatouille for consideration? Maybe even a Pixar spinoff of Disney’s Descendants? Or maybe even best of all the movie that proves the Pixar theory and it would be called

    In the meantime I leave you with this: You are a sad strange little group and you have my pity farewell.

    • *you all have my pity except for Adonis

    • Dude, you really gotta let the sequels go. Monster’s Inc. has a sequel (prequels do count as sequels), and the others don’t need them.

      • Why? They are great films.

        • They are great films (aren’t all Pixar movies?). That’s why they don’t need sequels to spoil the effect. Don’t get me wrong, Pixar’s great at them, but something like Up just doesn’t need a sequel.

  5. Also let me add some awesome podcast names: Sincast, Best Forgotten Movies, and finally Now Conspiring.

  6. This is my secret weapon: #roomategrayson

    • *#slightly less cooler new Roomate whatshisface.

      • Sorry must have looked like a dick. I didn’t know that Grayson moved out and wasn’t the special guest so please don’t hate me.

  7. I was going to post this earlier, but I can’t think of anything at the time, so here it is right now.
    The Ultimate Pixar Movie should contain the Pixar Theory and/or Pixar Detective.
    As for the Oscars, let me say this, we would have an entirely different Oscars of regular moviegoers determined the nominations. That’s kind of my sane consistent reaction.

  8. For the movie title, how about “The House on The Hill”? Not to be confused with the 2012 movie “House on the Hill”, which IMDb informs me is a very terrible movie. One downside is that it might experience the whole “Room” and “The Room” debacle, but you can cross that bridge when you come to it. Maybe Brie Larson can voice a rowdy neighbor, or something.
    I think the Oscars are absolutely important, because they give the movie industry incentive to reach higher and farther and achieve such amazing things with cinema – kind of like giving your puppy a dog biscuit after it successfully rolls over, except the puppies are wearing Hugo Boss and operating heavy machinery and slumming it in horse corpses.
    Every time Sam is on the podcast I feel like I have been resurrected from an instant noodle induced coma.
    I have died. I am dead. Sam’s general existence has killed me. Please put “I like feeling uncomfortable – Jon Negroni” on my tombstone.
    @Sam (again) – If you are ever in need of a best man, just call me – with, you, know, an ouija board.

    • Hey Jenny, Sam and I have already agreed that we’re kidnapping Ryan Reynolds to be our best man (there’s like an 85% chance he’ll be okay with it) but you are of course invited. Regardless of what Sam says the Now Conspiring wedding will be in Maria’s closet, it’ll be a bit of a squeeze so be prepared for a lot of close interaction with tons of people. AND CAKE.

      • Replaced by my own countryman? I’m speechless.

        If you want to increase the odds of Ryan not making a break for it, tell him that Hugh Jackman will be there, in all his Australian glory.

        And maybe bring the suit.

        • Wait Adonis is marrying Sam? Or did I miss something? I’m as confused as the Cinemasins guy.

        • Jenny you better take me with you as you’re +1, and the five of us can squeeze in the closet.

          • *your, and I’m sure they’ll be more than five of us there.

  9. I think the oscars matter, but they shouldn’t matter, there are some great films and actors and actresses who have never received oscars, the people who made the movie or were in the movie know if they did a good job or not, there are other ways of getting recognition and I don’t think the oscars is it. Take Leonard dicaprio, he never won an Oscar till now and he’d done some amazing acting, but he has won 77 other awards.
    I loved Maria’s movie idea! It made me think of the song House of Fun by Madness and now I’m imagining a scene of your ultimate Pixar movie where the kids are running round the crazy mansion causing mischief and seeing the weird experiments.

  10. I think you should call the ultimate Pixar Movie “Interior” because there is more to the inside of the mansion and there can be more than just the rivalry between the siblings and they could learn more about each other throughout the movie.

  11. The Oscars may matter to some people, but I never cared for them.
    That’s all I have to say.

      • Maria. I know the answer. Mango is a mango. They don’t have genders. Also the name of the film… Should be… Kick Ass 3.

  12. I think the Oscars don’t matter that much. I think its something that us as movie lovers look forward to every year, but I don’t think they are really necessary. Anyway, yes I did see the Witch and I gave it a B+. Really good movie.

  13. The Oscars are an important thing. They’re not just people who want to meet celebrities so they nominate the Martian for Comedy. It’s a prestigious celebration of filmmakers that want to properly reward the amount of work hat goes into our film industry. On the other hand, the ultimate Pixar Movie would be set in the future (Wall•E time) in a South American river and than a lot of other places. It would be about two fish. One wants to be a chef and the other one wants to be a famous inventor. They’re outcasts in their society, so they leave to see the world. Along the way, they meet groups of misfit fish that are ruled by sadistic overlords. Eventually thy get separated and have to find each other again. They accomplish the hardest challenge to overcome, swimming up Paradise Falls. When they do, they exit the fishie world and enter the human world. And then they win some races or something and find out the world is filled with garbage and robots. Most people’s eyes will fall out crying. It’s called Pixar: The Movie.

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