Now Conspiring: Hail, Caesar; Eddie the Eagle

hail caesar

This week on the podcast, we review Hugh Jackman’s latest film, Eddie the Eagle along with the Coen Brothers’ latest, Hail, Caesar!

We also cover all of this week’s biggest entertainment news, discuss directing/writing styles we can’t stand, and answer all your feedback from last week’s show.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Which directing/writing styles do you dislike the most? And how many of you have ever heard of Magic Tree House?


00:00:00 – Introductions & Show Overview

00:02:12 – Movie News: Adonis tries to explain Magic Tree House to us

00:06:38 – Movie News: Maria dishes on some Justice League news

00:11:32 – Movie News: Jon spills about the MacGyver remake.

00:14:43 – Movie News: Kayla swoons over Moana animation news

00:18:21 – Movie News: Jon freaks out over the new “Zorro” remake

00:23:11 – Movie News: Jon lists some new movie trailers to catch during the Super Bowl

00:25:55 – Review: Adonis reviews Eddie the Eagle

00:29:59 – Review: Jon and Kayla review Hail, Caesar!

00:46:53 – Main Segment: We discuss which directing/writing styles we hate the most.

01:04:45 – Feedback: We read and answer your comments from last week’s show

01:25:40 – Movie Releases: We cover what’s coming to theaters this week.

21 thoughts on “Now Conspiring: Hail, Caesar; Eddie the Eagle

  1. You guys are so sweet, I don’t know why I was so scared of commenting.

    I find there are a lot of writing tropes that I find rub me the wrong way. (Maybe it’s because I also write? Idk)

    I especially dislike when one character “has to” break up with another character because by being with them they’re putting a target on their loved one’s back – because this is often accompanied by the loved one being kidnapped anyway even though they are now supposedly safe. And often, the character doesn’t even explain WHY they’re breaking up with their long-term partner, so the partner is still left in the dark and privy to kidnappings and torture. I understand that for storytelling’s sake, the character’s tragic backstory can’t be known by their partner because, hey, people are multi-layered and nobody knows the complete depths of another person, but in practice this is just extremely tiresome to watch. What’s wrong with a completely healthy relationship where both parties have open lines of communication, huh?

    Also, the ‘Oh no, a group of people are coming at me but thankfully they’re coming at me one by one so watch me kick their asses’ trope is something that I’ve seen way too often. Or maybe I just watch too many martial arts movies.

    Chandeliers – those things need to stop being the first casualty of fights in a mansion/manor/castle. Bonus if nobody is trapped under/killed by one. C’mon, really? That’s such a cheap way for your characters to die. Even if they’re just there to move the plot forward.

    Plot on a Silver Platter – audiences are smart, okay? We might not be members of Mensa, but we don’t need to hear a repeat of what we’ve already watched. We understand things, promise.

    Forced romantic subplot between people who hadn’t even expressed an interest in each other until that point – WHY.

    Evil Chair Swiveling is another one that is SO overused, but I’m a sucker for campy melodramatic villains, so this one gets a pass.

    The numbering system for the Fast and Furious franchise makes absolutely no sense – not a writing trope, but since I’m ranting I thought I’d include this anyway.

    (Wow I am such an bitter person, I hadn’t even noticed.)

    Onto the other question of the week: I don’t remember much about the Magic Tree House series, but I think I used one for a book report once. It might have been the Egyptian one Kayla was talking about.


  2. The only directors/writers style I really hate is Sudden and Unnecessary Romances. I mean, it may be fun and/or cute to some people, but they’re just, well, unnecessary.
    I’ve heard of the Magic Tree House books. They never really interested me, but I’m always happy to recommend them to a younger person.

  3. I agree with Mango. Unnecessary subplot romance is unnecessary.

  4. I think what I hate most is ripoffs like for example AntZ ripped off A Bug’s Life. BTW the second is easier to recommend to,people.

    • The comma was not intentional.

  5. Who wants to fight me for Jon, Maria, Kayla, Adonis, Mike (If you’re still there on the show), and Sam as friends? I have a feeling it’s on like Donkey Kong.

    • Speaking of Donkey Kong that’s how we’ll do it a game of Mario Kart I call dibs on Waluigi. Ignore the bottom comment I’m just stupid and don’t think about things before I write them.

  6. Who’s your favorite Me or Mango?

  7. 2 things one will you please answer my questions from last week. Two am I the only one who will vote for Jon Ratzengjrger? He’s the one person to be in every Pixar movie.

  8. That was Ratzenburger and secondly I have heard of Magic Tree House and it was one of the worst things I ever read. It makes no sense there is no thrills there is no story the lessons are stupid and what about that crap with the book that makes zero logics. It’s hurting my single brain cell thinking about it 1/10!

  9. First: Thank you for appreciating my comment from last week. I’m glad I got you inspired, Kayla. I am here to entertain.

    Second: To address your questions, Maria, no I’m not a teacher, I’m still in college majoring in Aerospace Systems and Technology (it’s literally rocket science). Yes I am single. I don’t remember who asked me if I have a blog and told me to write a book (I think it might have been Jon, I’m not sure), but I do write for Moviepilot (go to to find me) and I’ve dabbled in writing books it just hasn’t gotten me anywhere yet.

    Third: Adonis, I can’t believe you didn’t know P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney. I’m pretty sure I knew that address better than my own until I was fifteen. Barring that, if you need a date to go see Deadpool on Valentine’s Day, I’m so down as long as we finish up in time to catch the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead.

    Fourth: To answer the questions of the week, I don’t like unnecessary shaky cam. Sometimes it’s well done and adds to the thrill of the movie, but when there’s a fight scene going on and I can’t even see who came out on top, it’s just tasteless. And I have heard of Magic Treehouse and I’m uber pumped for the movie adaptation. My favorite one was #5 Night of the Ninjas because I’ve done karate since I was six…. and ninjas.

    • Gasp, I know you! I read your stuff! I didn’t know you were THAT Bridget!

  10. I’m not sure that this could be classed as a directing or writing style but the kind of movies I hate are found footage films. I just don’t enjoy watching them.

  11. I am THAT Bridget. I’m just hoping that’s a good thing. Well, I’m assuming it is since you consciously decide to continue to read my articles

    • I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  12. Greetings, conspiracy control freaks. My first question is to Jon. I was wondering what you meant when you said I wasn’t answering your messages. It was very cryptic and I can’t seem to find any sign of these messages. Then again, the reception is really bad in Maria’s basement. Speaking of Maria, I felt the need to correct her on some Tarantino trivia. First of all, the shake at Jack Rabbit Slims is FIVE DOLLARS, not ten. Also, buttermilk pancakes were only mentioned once as Fabienne’s unfortunate alternative to the much more talked about Blueberry pancakes. However, I will briefly abstain from that topic to discuss my signature directing pet peeve. It may have more to do with writing, but it is when there is way too much focus on the story and almost no focus on the characters. To me, characters are the most important thing in a movie, and it really grinds my gears when they are needlessly wasted. Some examples of movies I don’t like for this reason are The Big Short, The Matrix, Jackie Brown, and Trainspotting. I know those are controversial choices, but I just can’t lie. I much prefer movies with a very simple story and great characters, like Bicycle Thieves, Seven Samurai, Taxi Driver, and of course Pulp Fiction. In more nature-related news, I read the Magic Tree House books a long time ago, and I have vivid memories about an erupting volcano and somebody turning into a duck. I have no Netflix recommendation this week, so I shall say farewell, and don’t be a beige sock.

      • I’m open to the idea, but I’m going to want some soup to go with the oyster crackers you’re feeding me.

  13. Not that many comments this week huh? Read my comments if you want except for the favorite one other then that I’m interested to see your answers. Normally I wouldn’t have you read my previous questions but you said you’d get to them and you never did so I’m just askin’.

  14. When are you guys doing that Q&A thing? I have so many questions besides the first one I asked at the beginning of this comment.

  15. Hello everyone! Jenny Pan brought me here, and I’m so glad she did, you all seem really funny and sweet. One writing trope that really annoys me is the tragic backstory for a main character. The character should be well-written enough that the audience can sympathize with them enough without having them be an orphan or undergo a great loss, and most people can’t relate to their struggles. Anyways, keep being awesome.

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