What Are Your Favorite Movie Conspiracies?

movie conspiracies

The moon hits the sky. In wanders a skirt with mean eyes and a nastier grin. But this is no ordinary dame. This is a mankiller in search of one thing. A man. The Now Conspirer.

But he’s not at the drive-in. He’s not sulking about the local picture show. This mysterious minister of mystery is guest hosting a podcast in an undisclosed location, known only as…the Internet, California.

He enters the Now Conspiring studios and overturns a picture of regular podcast host, Jon Negroni.

Shoulda got a house call for that sore throat of his, the Now Conspirers thinks quietly to himself, shaking it off with another cigarette wrapped in popped corn. With Negroni sick, I’ll have to do the trick. 

But that’s the thing about showing up on a podcast as unannounced as you are unwelcome. You’re a bad idea chock full of worse ones, and even a little trouble. But you’ve got a show to run. Trouble? Well, trouble is your mistress.

After all, you’re the Now Conspirer.

INQUIRY OF THE WEEK: What is your favorite movie conspiracy?

Normally, this would be the part where regular podcast host Jon Negroni asks for your thoughts, as if they’re dangling from your skull, ready to pounce like a cat outta milk and a rat outta luck. He’d shoot you a sales pitch about leaving a review of the podcast on iTunes and/or Stitcher, even mentioning that you can download and subscribe for weekly episodes. A bird flies high, singin’ for fans of the podcast to send their notes to a Twitter account whispered only as @NowConspiring.

But the Now Conspirer is no door-to-door Internet salesman. He’s a man outta leads. Outta time. And outta smokes.

Enjoy the show, and please know that if this is your first time listening to the podcast…then you’re welcome.


The Now Conspirer.

9 thoughts on “What Are Your Favorite Movie Conspiracies?

  1. Syriana, The Constant Gardener, The Manchurian Candidate, Enemy of the State and The X-Files: Fight the Future

  2. I love the Tarantino ‘Verse theory. It pretty much connects all the Tarantino movies in the same universe. But its not just MCU style connected, its has layers to it. The “Realer Than Real Universe” is considered the “real life” of the universe and the “Movie Movie Universe, which is the movies that come out in the “real life” of the Tarantino ‘Verse. Its pretty much the Pixar Theory but with the Tarantino films, and a little bit more complicated. I can’t explain it all so if you are interested in knowing what it is look it up.

  3. I love the James Bond Cloning theory. It explains why James Bond looks different throughout the years. 007 is a code number, but maybe James Bond is a code name too. Everytime a Bond is killed, the code number and name is reassigned to its successor. The successor also gets the memories implanted on it too. Also I would like to thank the Now Conspirer for agreeing on the Jurassic World thing.

  4. Please tell me this is going to be a regular thing! Like I love the podcast, but please tell me the Now Conspirer will return with more impressions of the commenters 😀

  5. I lost it when he got to feedback. #WhoistheNowConspirer

  6. Does the Pixar Theory count?
    But seriously, my all-time favorite conspiricy is that Owen from Jurassic World is actually that annoying kid (“volunteer boy” on IMDB) from the original Jurassic Park. If you haven’t seen the theory already, I suggest you look into it. It really is awesome.

  7. This isn’t 100% movie theory, sorry, but it crosses over with TV as well. All the James Bonds have different faces, but they are all the same man. What if, like the doctor, James Bond is a Time Lord. Also hi Maria!

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