Now Conspiring: Paranormal Activity Review; What is Your Favorite Found Footage Movie?

paranormal activity

This week on the podcast, we celebrate Halloween a week early by reviewing Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension and discussing our favorite found footage films.

We also get some relationship advice from Maria, catch up on a celebrity birthday, recommend a new Netflix flick, and speed things up toward the end of the show for a scare. Plus, we read your feedback from last week’s show.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What is your favorite found footage movie?

Let us know your thoughts (and your favorite podcast moments) in the comments, which we may read on next week’s show! And be sure to rate the podcast on iTunes and/or Stitcher, where you can also download this episode. Or just Tweet us…@NowConspiring

Our Song of the Week is “Troublemaker” by Grizfolk. All ads on the show are fake, which I guess I have to say for legal reasons. Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Now Conspiring: Paranormal Activity Review; What is Your Favorite Found Footage Movie?

  1. Trollhunter from 2010 is my favourite. It’s a Norwegian film about students making a documentary and it’s based on old Scandinavian folklore.

  2. I don’t watch found footage movies, so I can’t answer that. Sorry

  3. The only found-footage movies I’ve seen are Chronicle and Earth to Echo, so Chronicle is my favorite by default.
    The real question is why Jon brought up whether flirting is cheating. I think I’ve begun to uncover this podcasts first conspiracy for a while.

  4. I agree with Maria, I don’t really think that there’s been a GREAT found footage movie. Storytelling is best done in more traditional ways.
    My question this week is, what is your most anticipated movie of 2016?
    Mine is Finding Dory.

    Again, love from Colombia.

    • P.S. Thanks for answering my last question.

  5. Alright, you conspiracy quails, it’s commenting time. Sorry I’m a little late, but I was at a fall play cast party and I have returned. I wanted to start by calming everyone’s nerves. In a few short weeks, you will have a plethora of fresh Mulaney jokes in a new netflix program titled “John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid,” on November 13th. Also, thank you, Jon, for actually saying the average score on Rotten Tomatoes, which I think is more important than the percentage rating. Also, does anyone else think that the last 15 minutes of the podcast sound like everyone is on helium? Anyway, this week on Netflix, I recommend There Will Be Blood. Farewell, and if I’m not back again this time tomorrow, carry on, carry on. Nothing really matters, to me.

  6. Alright, you crazy kids, let’s get down to business. To me, flirting is anything that Woody Allen, Anthony Perkins, or Vincent Vega would do. If you’re doing something that Chris Hemsworth, Patrick Swayze, or Quagmire would do, you’ve gone too far. If you’re Steve Carell, Henry Hill, or Adonis, you haven’t gone far enough. Farewell, and make sure you dance with the devil in the pale moonlight sometime soon.

  7. I would say Lake Mungo. Sure Paranormal Activity was good, but Lake Mungo is truly the superior film in my opinion. Also only film that actually really scared me and did not let me sleep. Which is rare for me.

  8. I would choose [REC] as my favorite. This movie scared me so much. I remember watching this in my freshmen year with an old girlfriend and she was actually hugging me instead of me hugging her. But the movie is really good. It has great special effects, great scares, probably better than Paranormal Activity.

    • Strangely the first time I watched [rec] I really wasn’t impressed. Until I saw it on the big screen…the walk back through the dimly lit multi-storey car park after that was terrifying!

  9. I think Troll Hunter is my favorite. I thought it was fantastic.

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