Fantastic Four, Diary of a Teenage Girl Review; Best Movies We Saw Blind

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This week on the Now Conspiring podcast, I’m joined by Kayla Savage, Adonis Gonzalez, and Maria Garcia as we take an in-depth look at Fantastic Four and whether or not it’s worth watching.

We also review Diary of a Teenage Girl, the latest Kristen Wiig film with newcomer Bel Fowley. Plus, we cover new trailers, the latest box office updates, and all the entertainment news you can consider entertaining. And of course, we read your comments from last week’s show.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What is the best movie you saw blind? As in, you had no idea what the movie was about, hadn’t seen a trailer, etc.

EXTRA QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What (or who) should be the mascot for the Now Conspiring podcast logo?

Let us know your thoughts (and your favorite podcast moments) in the comments, which we may read on next week’s show! And be sure to rate our show on iTunes and/or Stitcher, where you can also download this episode. Or just Tweet us…@NowConspiring

Our Song of the Week intro-ing the show is “Everything,” the newest single from Kaptan that was released just this past week. Enjoy!

20 thoughts on “Fantastic Four, Diary of a Teenage Girl Review; Best Movies We Saw Blind

  1. The best movie I saw blind was, actually, Paddington.
    I kid you not. At the time, I thought kid movies were for, well, kids. I was watching tv, when a trailer for Paddington came on. My roommate came over, turned it off, and told me I was watching that movie blind.
    I protested, as the little bit I saw looked like kid stuff. But my roommate said no, I was going to see it whether I wanted to or not. So for the next month, he shielded me from anything Paddington. Any trailers that came on were turned off, any people talking about it were shushed, and I was forbidden to ask anything about it.
    When Paddington finally came out, my roommate and I went to go see it. And I have to say, I was surprised. It was well thought out, very witty and clever, and planned to make even adults enjoy it.
    And it was British. That’s a bonus right there.
    So, there you go. The best blind movie I ever saw.

  2. Now Conspiring Mascot? I think it will be Stevin Parker from the Pixar Detective. I think he would be great mascot for your movies.
    Speaking of which, when will you release the complete Part 3 of the Pixar Detective?

  3. The best movies I’ve seen blind are Taxi Driver, Django Unchained, and the first two Evil Dead movies, to name a few. But, I am not here to pretend I have a disability. I AM HERE…to explain how Adonis has success. For starters, he has A PICTURE OF HIMSELF on his profile for this website. Second, he has a lead role in a slightly well-known podcast…AND I DON’T! And finally, many successful persons have one small mistake from their past that keeps coming back to haunt them, by fans and friends alike. Robert Downey Jr, John Travolta, and Adonis, whose mistake is none other than Kick-Ass 3. And that, mein friends, is how Adonis is slightly more successful than me, Sam.

    P.S. Oh, and Maria, congratulations on making Gryffindor. Your Father and I are so proud.

  4. This is a bit embarrassing to admit bjt i had no idea Kick Ass had a sequel. Yeah my boyfriend at the time (who actually recommended me this podcast and he is a big fan yours) were gonna watch Your Next but we ran late. So i was about to say we should go to dinner but he said Kick Ass 2 came out last week. I literally had no idea it was even made and i was ashamed since i loved the first one. Thats the only movie I have ever seen blind.

  5. I watched the Gift blind because everyone decided to skip Fantastic Four. All I can say is…AMAZING.

  6. Why is Kayla so mean to Jon? Why is Jon so mean to Adonis? Why is Adonis so mean to himself? Where was Maria during like half of this episode? We deserve answers.

    • I noticed all of this too! I like Kayla, but she’s a little too harsh sometimes. I like when Mike is around because he’s the best type of mean.

    • They probably lost connection with Maria and edited those parts out. This is happened before on the show.

    • Ill break it down for you Podrick:
      -Kayla has the feels for Jon
      -Jon misses Mike
      -Adonis’s humor is self deprecating
      -I was late to recording because I was at the bank aka old people shiz

      • Yeah I’m like Eeyore…but that’s probably not very funny…wallows and consumes ice cream

  7. A cool mascot for the show would be Shia LaBeouf circa Even Stevens.

  8. I liked Jon’s Mike impersonation better. Kayla’s was okay.

  9. Jon’s introductions to everyone on the show keep getting better. You’re almost as successful as Adonis…

  10. The best movie I saw blind was most definitely Interstellar. Oh my gosh, that movie was so fricking fantastic, it blew my mind!

      • The Worlds End has been the best and only movie i’ve seen blind. It was pretty good.

  11. Wet Hot American Summer was a movie a saw blind. But why does rotten tomatos give it a 32% score? This question of the week should be what movie do you think critics got wrong. It can be that the movie had great reviews and was horrible or vice versa.

  12. For only $0.20 cents a day, you too could also help Adonis get a better quality microphone.

    Best movie I saw blind, hmmm hmmm. It has to be St. Vincent. No, never mind. It was Paddington. Going in, all I knew was that it was a bear in London, and that it was a great movie (my personal best of 2015), thanks to this podcast.

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