Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation and Vacation Review, Best Tom Cruise Movies

mission impossible vacation

This week on the Now Conspiring Podcast, we review Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and the new Vacation movie based on the National Lampoon original starring Chevy Chase. We also talk a bit about Jason Segel in the David Foster Wallace biopic, The End of the Tour.

We also review box office takes, the latest trailers, this week’s top entertainment headlines, and a brand new segment called “Getting Basic w/ Adonis.” Everyone but Adonis won’t be disappointed. Then we read your feedback from last week’s question of the week. Speaking of which…

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What’s your favorite Tom Cruise movie?

Let us know your thoughts (and your favorite podcast moments) in the comments, which we may read on next week’s show! And be sure to rate our show on iTunes and/or Stitcher, where you can also download this episode. Or just Tweet us…@NowConspiring

Our Song of the Week intro-ing the show is “Leave a Trace” by CHVRCHES, from their upcoming album set to release in September. Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation and Vacation Review, Best Tom Cruise Movies

  1. Hahaha. Sneaking in burritos. Nice one bro.

  2. That’s so weird to think that Adonis is only a year older than me and he has all this success. For now…

    • I have success?! Where?! Sam where are you hiding my success?! I’m gonna need that!

      • I meant success compared to what I’ve done. It’s so annoying when my Mom vacuums in here…

  3. For this week’s MVP, I pick Mike for finally saying what needed to be said about NY street confusion. All of us Tots thank you, for being a hero. Anyway, have any of you ever thought about letting people call in to the show?

    • Calling in to the show would be amazing! I vote Mike as well for the same reason.

  4. Did Jon mean Dustin Hoffman? Also, who is chewing gum?

  5. Imma sneak in burritos when i watch Kick Ass 3

  6. Best Tom Cruise movie is hands down Risky Business. Some honorable mentions are the Mission Impossible movies ( except 2), Rain Man, Edge of Tomorrow, Minority Report, The Color of Money, Born on the Forth of July, and Colateral.

  7. I am gonna give a serious answer for once amd say Top Gun as best Tom Cruise movie. #ShiaLaBeouf

  8. I actually really liked Vacation. I would give it a B+, but then again I am 14 so.

  9. I would say A Few Good Men, even though it’s technically an ensemble.

  10. Hi everyone this is my first time listening to this podcast and you all seem awesome. I look forward to listening to more!

  11. Mike, I got what you were saying. Risky Business.

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