‘The Good Dinosaur’ First Trailer Has Dropped, And I Want This Movie

I’ll be posting more thoughts on the trailer over the next few hours, but here’s your chance to watch it a few times. For reference, that’s “Crystals” by Of Monsters and Men (a song we actually featured on the podcast a few months back).

The visuals. One of the few things Inside Out lacked in comparison to Monsters University was a hyper-realistic environment that could blow you away. But it’s clear that the team behind Good Dinosaur put the majority of their efforts into making this movie look beautiful, even if the character models are somewhat cartoony.

I’m amazed by how many chills this trailer managed to deliver (the human boy, Spot, facing down the viper was my favorite). Even though I’m still weirded out by getting two original Pixar features in a year, I’m starting to understand why this movie was delayed a year. They wanted it to be perfect.

21 thoughts on “‘The Good Dinosaur’ First Trailer Has Dropped, And I Want This Movie

  1. I was wondering when Pixar was going to make a dinosaur movie.
    I really liked the trailer. I am definitely going to watch it when it hits theatre’s.
    Obviously. 🙂

  2. Pixar Theory stuff…Those fireflies could be an early reincarnation of the will-o-the wisp. I think this is the start of the human-animal relationship that would last for millions of years until BnL would interfere with that ancient bond. Which would either break that bond in a pre split timeline or fail in doing so in the post split timeline. All thanks to who would win that Monsters Inc. Battle.

    • I agree, I my idea is that the human and dinosaur coexistence made it hard for some organisms to survive, so the fireflies had to evolve into the will-o-the-wisps. Basically they had to evolve into magic-like beings because dinosaurs survived a few million or so years more. So, like the trailer said, the meteor missing the Earth changed history forever because magic was created, and therefore intelligent animals, superheroes, advance machines, and monsters were also eventually created.

    • You forgot that pollution, animal cruelty, etc. would also interfere.

      • Also true. The purpose of the Animal BnL War is that the animals wanted better treatment, and they would be finally be able to do so thanks to new technology and advanced intelligence.

  3. Jurassic World is going to have to compete with Good Dinosaur. Both movies would need to compete with ratings and money making in order to find out which one is the SUPERIOR dinosaur movie of the year.

    • I have a feeling The Good Dinosaur will be much better than Jurassic World, Jurassic World was just horrible.

      • I feel that Good Dinosaur and Jurassic World will be at the watchable and good type of movies, but Jurassic World broke records and defeated Inside Out. Also, Good Dinosaur would need to fight Mockingjay Part 2, which may put in a good $100 million. This Box Office Battle will be interesting to watch.

  4. I don’t know Jon.

    I’m still having an issue with the aesthetic mismatch between the environments and the characters. The environments are beautifully rendered and quite realistic a you mentioned, but the characters, predominantly the dinosaur himself, don’t seem to fit in that environment. The balance is off. Hmmm…

    • I agree, the characters cartoony design don’t seem to match the realistic environment.
      But, non the less, I loved the trailer and the story it conveyed.

  5. This looks like it’s going to be a great film. The story seems it will be emotional, practically watching the trailer. The detail looks amazing too, and I don’t think the cartoony characters look bad in the environment.

    Just wondering, you’ve probably been asked this many times, but do the all Pixar Shorts fit in the Pixar Theory. I mean some could easily be in the same timeline like Tin Toy and Geri’s Game, while others might be more of a stretch like Day & Night and Lava. Just curious, if your not too busy you should make a post about it.

  6. I know you’ll answer this in a later post, but won’t this movie sort of ruin the “full circle” idea in the pixar theory? If good dinosaur takes place in early history (long before Brave) then it will be a sort of chronological outlier.

    • I think the theory changed since last time. Boo wasn’t the cause of the theory, but rather changed and split the timeline. I believe Good Dinosaur is the beginning of the bond between humans and animals and the early incarnations of the will o the wisps.
      I believe that the purpose of the theory isn’t that humans are batteries, but it is the bond between humans and other animals or machinery. Wall-E survived because of that bond when all others had died out. Its the reason why laughter is more powerful than scream. Its the reason for the fuel shortage in Cars 2. Life or death in the Pixarverse depends on the bonding of humans, which explains what happened in the entire theory and Pixarverse.

    • Not necessarily, because the witch isn’t in Brave because that is her time period, she is there by choice. So, it is possible that she could have used a door to go even further back in time to the dino age. Although she may not be directly in the movie, she may be able to bring magic or items or easter eggs or who knows what back to this time period. I will have a careful eye when watching.

  7. hypothetically speaking, of course, if this movie does not fit into your pixar theory no matter how hard you try (remember, hypothetical situation), would you rewrite the theory to accommodate? if not, what would you do? i mean, i know the future is uncertain and everything, but realistically, if pixar keeps it up, eventually it’s going to get so twisted and complicated that you’ll have to reconfigure it. i think reconfiguring it would make the whole thing even more fun, personally. anyway that was just my thought vomit.

  8. its not the past it the future in between Bugs life and Monsters inc/ MU.

    BOOM im the best.
    Yes when the humans came off the ships they were farily advandst but beacuse every thing has been automated for them for so many generations they may of forgeten how to do thing and than end up de-evolving beacsue the bugs started to take over earth and evolve into dinosaurs and than the humans end up mating this the dino’s for creat the monsters in the monsters in time frame

    • If it’s in the future, then how does the dinosaur killing meteorite show up in this movie? It missed, but that’s the point of the movie.

  9. Mr. Jon, I was wondering… Isn’t this going to ruin the pixar theory? If animals started acting a bit like humans because of the witch from Brave, why does this dinossaur behaves a bit like a human???

    • Hey Dinis. The theory isn’t that the witch “causes” animals acting like humans. She just explores how it works.

  10. Can’t wait for this movie to come out. I’m ready for more of the Pixar Theory! 😀

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