Pixar’s ‘Sanjay’s Super Team’ Is Charming Everyone at Comic-Con

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Say what you will about Pixar releasing two original films in one year, but you can’t deny how great it is that they’re also giving us two original shorts on top of those films.

Lava (the short attached to Inside Out) certainly struck a chord among audiences, but it’s looking like Sanjay’s Super Team will have an even stronger effect. The short film premiered back in June, but Pixar has given lucky Comic-Con attendees an early screening, and the response is excellent so far.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Sanjay’s Super Team, here’s my first look into the short with everything you need to know.

pixar sanjay

Melia Robinson of Business Insider is heralding the short as “one of the studio’s most heart-melting pieces yet” and “the cutest Oscar bait we’ve seen in a while.”

(Robinson) The crowd at San Diego Comic-Con fell hard for Pixar’s upcoming short “Sanjay’s Super Team,” one of the studio’s most heartwarming films yet.

Marcus Errico from Yahoo Entertainment is also giving the film a lot of praise, citing “Super Team” as being “unlike anything” Pixar has done before.

(Errico) …Pixar made a big splash with a very small film. Sanjay Patel’s new short, Sanjay’s Super Team, transfixed the audience at its North American premiere with a story and visuals vastly unlike any Pixar project before.

pixar sanjay

Peter Sciretta (a personal favorite writer of mine) has seen the short twice now, and his take on “Super Team” is probably the most intriguing. Writing for /Film,

(Sciretta) The first time the short screened in the hall, I was taken aback about how different it felt compared to the other Pixar and Disney short films. Sanjay’s Super Team feels like a much more personal project than the Pixar short films that have come before it.

I was left with more of a feeling of admiration than the usual love I have for most of the other Pixar shorts. But I had the remarkable experience of watching the film a second time at the conclusion of the panel and having a completely different response to the film. The second time I watched the movie I had a much more emotional connection to the story. My eyes may have even teared up a bit.

Sanjay’s Super Team will premiere for general audiences alongside Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur on November 25, 2015.

6 thoughts on “Pixar’s ‘Sanjay’s Super Team’ Is Charming Everyone at Comic-Con

  1. I really liked Lava, and I have high hopes for this short. Hurry up November!

  2. I enjoy all of the fun shorts that Disney’s Pixar comes up with, especially Feast and Lava. I can’t wait to see this short and the movie that comes with it!

  3. Sanjay’s Super Team should be given its own comic book or become a real team of supers that would give The Incredibles some competition.
    The Pixarverse (Pixar Theory) will be really excited with this short. I haven’t felt the need to put something based on a short film since Alec Azam and Presto.

  4. It was a really moving, really interesting and really well done Pixar short. It had really beautiful animation, really good characters, really great action, really great music, really great visuals and a really good storyline. This is one of the best Pixar shorts of the year. I’ve seen this short movie before “The Good Dinosaur.”

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