Ted 2 Review, Movies We’ve Walked Out of the Theater On

In this week’s podcast, we judge how bearable Ted 2 is and do a late review on Me, Early, and the Dying Girl. We also do a quick catch up of the Box Office and cover some important movie news/announcements.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What’s a movie that has made you leave the theater? Or at least made you WISH you walked out on?

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Our Song of the Week that you’ll hear at the top of the show is “Molecules” by Atlas Genius, from the upcoming album releasing in August.

Other music you heard in this week’s episode:
“I Really Like You” — Carly Rae Jepsen

34 thoughts on “Ted 2 Review, Movies We’ve Walked Out of the Theater On

  1. I’ve never seen it though I have a feeling I’d walkout/stop watching Mortdecai. Part of me wants to rent it just to see how bad it is and the other part doesn’t want to waste the money.

  2. I walked out of “Cabin Boy”. I even went to the manager of the theatre and demanded my money back. I went because of David Letterman and left due to the immense stupidity. However, I have grown to appreciate the warped sense of humor possessed by Chris Elliott. I should have walked out of “The Talented Mr. Ripley”, I so wanted to stand up in the theatre and scream during the rowboat scene, “You are f#@%#@ boring, that’s why.”

  3. My friends and I thought we would enjoy Bruno, the sequel to Borat. Why we thought that, we have no idea. Omg it was so terrible. Walked out 25 minutes into the movie.

  4. Winter’s Tale. I was forced to see it and it was unbelievably terrible! I really wosh I could walk out of the theater!

  5. The Last Airbender

    • Sorry, Anthony! We’re adding some last-minute changes to the artwork, so the chapter has been delayed a week. Chapter 29 will now release on July 7th.

  6. I can never get back the two hours I wasted in the theatre seeing ‘Year One.’

  7. I walked out of Kick-Ass 3…Into reality. Don’t be too heartbroken, Adonis.

  8. I walked out of the “Heat” with Sandra Bullock. And hey uh Mike take care of your dang kids bro.

  9. I’m not sure how to deal with the fact that Maria is basically trying to seduce Mike.



  11. PODCAST MVP: Jon and Mike are tied for me for conspiring against Maria and Kayla. That’s the name of the show, ladies.

    • Maria won the game, so she should be MVP!

    • I say jon for trolling Maria and Kayla relentlessly.

    • Jon was wrong though about a movie. So Mike.

    • Everyone vote for Adonis because why the hell not?

  12. Mike reminds me of Ted.

  13. What I love about this podcast is the fact that I just learned that they’re making a f*cking Uncharted movie and Rampage. This is the best movie podcast.

  14. I walked out of Matrix Revolutions…I had enough when the baby thing showed up.

  15. Now that you guys have mentioned Scorpion King, I’m calling a remake with Dwayne Johsnon getting released by 2017.

  16. I haven’t been listening long, but did you all already do a podcast about how there are too many remakes? That’s definitely something to talk about.

  17. First time commenting. I walked out of Jupiter Ascending, which I think Jon and Maria said they hated? I don’t remember. Oh, and I love the inclusion of Kayla to the podcast.

  18. I couldn’t sit through the fourth Shrek movie…AHHHH why didn’t they just stop with Shrek 2…

  19. I love how you guys give Jon so much crap about being wrong XD

    That’s what I love about this podcast. Ever since it came out, I’ve gotten a chance to see how the Pixar Theory mastermind is like a real person who gets teased by his friends. Love you all!

  20. Kickass 3—oh wait someone already

  21. I almost walked out of Prince of Persia, the one with Jake Gyllenhaal. Looking back, I mean he’s one of the best actors in the world and he did a Prince of Persia movie. That’s just crazy. Great music in the show by the way!

  22. I left the theater during the first dance number in Annie. Fuck that movie.

  23. I wish I walked out of Strange Magic. I went with my kids, but it was so f***ing bad I wished I hadn’t. The only reason I stayed was that my kids seemed to enjoy it.

  24. I recently watched “Ted 2” and it left me quite disappointed. The humor felt forced, and the plot lacked depth. It’s essential for moviegoers to share their honest opinions. Thanks for addressing this topic.

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