Podcast: Insidious 3, Spy, Movie News This Week

insidious 3 spy

Spy has been getting all of the praise lately, so what does Team Conspiring think about its success? Get ready for some heat, Paul Feig style.

We cover tons of movie news this week (including some comic news), along with some coverage of some recent trailers that just dropped. We also read your comments from the last episode and bring up this week’s topic of discussion.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What is a movie that you hate, even though everyone else loves it?

Enjoy the show! Let us know your answers to this week’s question in the comments. Or just hit us up on Twitter! We’re @NowConspiring. And don’t forget to rate/subscribe us on iTunes or the Stitcher app if you feel like it.

Our Song of the Week is “Beat of My Drum” by up-and-coming band, Powers.

You also heard these songs in this week’s episode:

“Wish You Were Here” – Lee Fields and The Expressions

“Don’t Carry It All” – The Decembrists

24 thoughts on “Podcast: Insidious 3, Spy, Movie News This Week

  1. Fun podcast guys. I hate Shaun of the Dead. I just don’t understand the appeal of Edgar Wright in general.

  2. I hate how Disney channel declined the way it did. The truly good shows pretty much ended by the time High School Musical showed up.

  3. I’ve never understood the appeal of Snow Day, the nickelodeon movie.

  4. Boy Meets World! Haha love the references all over this episode. It was weird to not have Maria and Mike (the M&M’s) but you guys were tons of fun. That was an awesomely nerdy podcast.

    • Oh, and Boy Meets World isn’t my answer to the question, just a callout. The movie I hate is Inglorious Basterds (and most Quentin movies for that matter).

  5. Wow, the best Pixar movie since Finding Nemo? Now I have to watch Inside Out.

  6. I know I’ll get a lot of hate for this, but I don’t get why Dark Knight got the universal acclaim that it did. It really isn’t that good.

  7. The ONE time everyone saw the movie and no Now Conspiring Game Show??? Tsk tsk….

  8. I never liked the Exorcist. Also, I love the addition of Kayla to the podcast (she’s pretty cool)

  9. I like that Jon was pretty fair with the Pixar movies. He’s obviously a huge fan, but he knows when to call them out (I’m saying this based on the stuff he wrote for Good Dinosaur last week). For the question of the week, I have to admit I absolutely hated Mad Max. I get what it was trying to do, but I was honestly just bored.

  10. PODCAST MVP! I vote Kayla for being so comfortable with the guys this fast. I know she sort of did a podcast already, but still! She’s great, especially with those buttons.

    • I could listen to them talk about animation for hours lol

    • I vote Adonis for being a tremendous third wheel.

  11. I think Adonis was referring to The Last Crusade when you guys were rightfully dissing Indiana Kendrick.

  12. Do people love the Insidious movies? Because I hate those.

  13. Jon, is your book only out on kindle or other ebooks? Also a movie I hated was American Sniper. I never got the appeal of a guy killing people in real life, but then made more sympathetic for entertainment purposes.

  14. When it comes to acclaimed movies that I hate, it’s between The Graduate and The Matrix for me. But, in more serious news, I am very disappointed with Jon for not noticing the potential Mulaney reference towards the end of the podcast when he was talking about
    Dean Cain.

    (Is that Dean Cain?)

  15. Love the podcast guys! I couldn’t stand American Sniper or understand the hype around it. So lame. Also, Jon your book is AMAZING. Read the whole thing in one night.

  16. Adonis was wrong about Chris Pratt being evil. HMMM WONDER WHAT ELSE HE’S BEEN WRONG ABOUT (KICKASS 3)..

  17. As soon as Jon referenced Amy’s Baking Company, I knew this was going to be a good show 😀

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