Robert Rodriguez is Directing a ‘Jonny Quest’ Remake

jonny quest remake

I’m not that big a fan of  “Jonny Quest” or even Robert Rodriguez, but many of you know that The Mask of Zorro is my favorite film of all time. Knowing that Terry Rossio is working on this new project gives me hope, even if the remake has been in development limbo for nearly 20 years now.

From THR:

Jonny Quest is back on. Robert Rodriguez has come aboard the adventure project, an adaptation of the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon, which has been dormant for the past several years. Moving the Warner Bros. adventure along is Terry Rossio, whose credits range from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies to The Mask of Zorro. Rodriguez and Rossio are rewriting the script initially penned by Dan Mazeau, with Rodriguez on board to direct. Dan Lin and Adrian Askarieh are producing.

I should mention that I’m only familiar with the more recent TV series for “Quest” that was made by Cartoon Network in the 90s. It was alright, but I suspect that the original Hanna-Barbera series was superior. I’m honestly surprised it’s been this long since someone besides “Robot Chicken” has tried to revitalize this franchise.

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  1. It would be nice to see this actually get off the ground. I’ve been following it since the days of the distressing plans to cast Zac Effron as Jonny and Dwayne Johnson as Race. I’m not against a movie about an adult Jonny, which seems to be what they might have in mind, but I continue to hope that may change. I would rather see a series based on the eleven-year-old character, if they can do it well. I don’t mean “right”–nobody could ever live up to every fan’s expectation of what a remake should be. I just want it to be a good movie.

    And as a fan of the original Jonny Quest, I can tell you that the 90’s series was a disappointment. It had its moments, but on the whole it was not done well enough to live up to the original, which was one of Hanna-Barbera’s more masterful achievements.

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