‘Inside Out’ Is Getting Rave Reviews

inside out reviews

Pixar’s latest film recently debuted at Cannes Film Festival in France, and the reception so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

Kenneth Turan during an interview about the film with NPR’s Steve Inskeep:

Turan: Well, there’s a lot of stuff to like here. Just this morning, “Inside Out” played. This is the new film from Pixar. It’s by Pete Docter, who directed “Up.” It’s a really fascinating, unusual, computer-animated film about what goes on inside the mind of a young girl, the different emotions that hide in her mind, each emotion played by a different actor. It’s very funny. It’s very inventive. And it’s really moving, kind of in the way “Up” was.

Inskeep: And so you came out of that movie with a smile on your face?

Turan: I did. I did, and that’s never a bad thing, Steve.

No surprise there. The film currently has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes based on scores from 16 critics. I’ve only seen 2/3rds of the film, but at that screening, nearly the entire audience was charmed by it. Myself included.

Inside Out doesn’t release globally until June 19th, but I’ll be seeing the full movie several weeks ahead of time (though it’ll take a while for me to fully process the film). Until then, let’s revel in the fact that Pixar may have another huge hit on their hands that isn’t a sequel, prequel, or whateverquel.

8 thoughts on “‘Inside Out’ Is Getting Rave Reviews

  1. This movie looks amazing.

  2. Two things can guarantee Inside Out’s Victory
    1. 100% chance that it is a Pixar Movie, and every Pixar Movie is #1 at the Box Office in its first week, even Cars 2
    2. It can create a bigger opening IF Jurassic World would suck as a movie, but who knows?

  3. I’ve recently seen a trailer for Inside Out that contained a classroom scene and I think there might be an Easter egg here. In the scene it shows a young girl wearing a t-shirt with a skull on it, and it looks very similar to the shirt Sid wears in Toy Story. She also seems to resemble him in appearance. We know that Sid has a younger sister named Hannah, but could this be her? I’m skeptical about the age of the girl and whether or not she would fit correctly into the timeline. She seems to be a bit older than Hannah so it would mean that the events of Inside Out are occurring only a few years after the first Toy Story movie.

  4. Hey Jon, this could be an update for your Pixar theory and Inside out, you might know this fact or might not. Did u realise that Bonnies family and Riley’s family have the same last names?! Anderson! They could be cousins, considering the mums look so much alike. This could shed more light on the theory.

  5. I heard somewhere that one of Rile’s memories is carl and Ellie ‘s wedding.
    Is it true ?

    • Yes they are. Apparently they are really faded but if you look closely at the images of Joy/ Sadness standing near the memory spheres you can see some of the scenes from “Up”

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