Is ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ About to Become The Best Movie of 2015?

mad max fury road best movie

I knew something was up when film reviewer Chris Stuckmann awarded the fourth Mad Max movie an “A+.” And when The Dissolve gave its second ever 5 star rating to the Tom Hardy/Charlize Theron film.

Now the film is even getting praise from traditional outlets. AP is calling it a “poetic masterpiece.” Chicago Tribune claims it makes Furious 7 look like Curious George. The George Miller movie has a stunning 99% on Rotten Tomatoes at this time. I don’t think I’ve heard of this much praise about a fourth sequel since Rocky IV, not that I was even alive back then.

I’ve only seen parts of Road Warrior, so I’m not too familiar with the Mad Max franchise itself. So it’ll be interesting to see what an outsider like me will think of this supposedly “can’t miss” action movie. Is it really a milestone for the millions of moviegoers like me walking into this film blind? We’ll see.

One more thing, though. It’s important to remember that this bombardment of praise for an action movie is hot off the heels of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the “can’t miss” action movie we thought would rule 2015 (and it still might). This is an interesting month for movies.

In case you haven’t seen it, I’ve shared the trailer below, though I strongly suggest you find a way to watch it inside a movie theater.

4 thoughts on “Is ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ About to Become The Best Movie of 2015?

  1. Well this is a surprise. I LOVE Road Warrior but I didn’t think this new movie would be as a big of a deal, especially if you don’t already love Mad Max. I’m in shock actually.

    • I cautiously hoped this would happen because it’s the same director/vision doing the story. But I don’t think this film will do better than Avengers or Star Wars, no matter how good it is.

  2. I’m definitely checking this movie out now

  3. Most of me is expecting that RT score to sink to below 85% within the next two days.
    The rest of me just hopes that the film ends up becoming an unexpected masterpiece.

    That was before checking the RT and MC scores. (as of 5/13)

    99% with 81 reviews on RT (probably half of the total reviews in the end)
    89% with 27 reviews on MC (probably won’t expect more than 20 more reviews in the end)

    Damn…the acclaim could actually hold.

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