Ex Machina, Age of Adaline, Movie News This Week

ex machina

We have an action-packed show for you guys this week, and there’s little intelligence (artificial or human) to be found. Mike Overkill joins us for the first time on the Now Conspiring podcast, as we review Ex Machina and Age of Adaline.

Later in the show, we cover the major movie news you care about, talk about our “5 Top TV Comedies,” and make Maria Garcia incredibly uncomfortable. Stick around for our Netflix Recommendation of the Week toward the end of the episode, and as always, we finish with new movie releases coming out this weekend.

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Our Song of the Week is “A Day is Coming” by Pacific Gold. Their new album, “Sing My Welcome Home” is out now.

Question of the Week: What would you rather do than see Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

Other music you heard in this podcast:

“A Lack of Understanding” – The Vaccines

“Up and Away” – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop



16 thoughts

  1. I’m glad you guys brought Mike on to hang out from the Game of Thrones podcast. He’s a fantastic addition!

    I’d rather have Ramsay Bolton host Now Conspiring than watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crysal Skull.

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  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Jon’s review of Ex Machina. It’s such a weird, beautiful movie. I’d even rather it be the worst movie ever than watch Indiana Jones 4.


  3. I’ve been following the podcast for a long time now, and I have to say I’m loving the groove you guys are falling into! The show has never been better guys!


    A huge surprise to absolutely no one

    PS I like Indiana Jones 4, but I would rather watch Rebecca Black’s Friday while looking at bad comic book artwork than watch the movie again.
    PPS What’s all the hate about Indiana Jones 4, it has a decent score on Rotten Tomatoes (78%) and nuking the fridge is a bit funny for some reason.


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