Game of Thrones S5E2 Recap: The House of Black and White

game of thrones house of black and white

Do you love HBO’s Game of Thrones and have just watched the second episode of the 5th season AND demand answers and speculation from other people?

Perfect, because the Now Conspiring team has you covered. Below, you can stream our latest podcast, where we do a full recap for you to get caught up on. If the written word is more your thing, you can read my Game of Thrones column here, where I go over the main points of the episode.

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Did you enjoy “The House of Black and White?”

10 thoughts on “Game of Thrones S5E2 Recap: The House of Black and White

  1. Mike, I’m under the tree. What do I win?

      • Eh, I’ve seen better trees. Not enough leaves, too many bark. 5/10 would tree again.

  2. This episode felt very slow to me. I’m not complaining, though because we finally got the Lord Commander stuff out of the way. Also, this podcast episode was effing hilarious. I hope Michael is on the show from now on!

    • I also liked Mike lol. He’s a good addition to the show.

  3. That song in the beginning is from the last episode of Season 4: “The Children.”

  4. Awesome recap guys, and I checked out your written one too the other day Jon. I have just one question: Is Drogon supposed to be named after Khal Drogo? If so, I feel stupid for not realizing it 5 seasons in…

    • Yes, Dany named her dragons after Khal Drogo (Drogon), her uncle (Rhaegal), and her brother (Viserion)

  5. I shouldn’t have been listening to this during class. I just busted out laughing without warning.

    • The Theon/gossip girl moment had me busting a gut in front of my girlfriends mom 😐

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