Early Reviews For ‘Daredevil’ Are In, And They’re Great

daredevil review

From The Verge:

Daredevil is the best (and bloodiest) show Marvel has made yet.

With so many new superhero shows on television, Daredevil successfully raises the bar. As Marvel’s crop of TV projects have evolved from decent (Agents of SHIELD) to excellent (Agent Carter), Daredevil pushes the envelope by going down dark paths the Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn’t gone down before.

This review confirms that Daredevil takes place in a New York City torn apart (metaphorically) by the damage we saw in The Avengers, three years ago. I wasn’t expecting such a direct tie-in, but man if I can’t wait any longer to check this show out. 

The premise is what hooks me the most. A world where the Avengers have failed New York, and your only hero is a blind vigilante. Just perfect.

Deadline also reviewed the show, saying “Marvel’s Daredevil is the TV offering from the superhero giant that we’ve been waiting for.” The Washington Post aptly named it a “creative bullseye” for Marvel.

If you have a Netflix account, you can start streaming the series in its entirety on Friday.

8 thoughts on “Early Reviews For ‘Daredevil’ Are In, And They’re Great

  1. This is great news. Ever since you guys first brought the show up on the podcast, I’ve been wondering if this show will manage to break away from that godawful movie they tried with Ben Affleck.

  2. I’m not surprised. I’ve been predicting this show’s success since it was announced that Netflix was doing it. Oh and when they casted Charlie Cox.

  3. Agent Carter got rave reviews too, but that didn’t stop the show from bombing.

  4. That’s great news! Unfortunately, I don’t have Netflix, but it’s good to hear the show will be good 🙂

  5. And it is damn well worth it. Just started the show and damn was episode one a great show! Loved the subtle hits to what happened in the Avengers

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