The Pixar Detective: Chapter 23

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It’s here! And I don’t think you’re going to be disappointed. Chapter 23 is…well a special chapter. I don’t want to say anything else, but I really doubt any of you are ready for it (I know I wasn’t, and I wrote the thing).

pixar detective chapter 23

This week’s chapter is titled “And Beyond.” As you’re reading over the point of view sections and following the new story developments, I challenge you to take this title to heart. What does it mean? Why are these events being intertwined for this chapter? Do this, and I think you’ll gain more from the chapter than you would otherwise.

But I’m getting ahead of myself! We’re getting close to the halfway point for the end of the series, but I still have a lot more story to share with you. I do hope you enjoy.

Previously, on The Pixar Detective!

Stevin, Wallaby, Sadie, and Mr. Sumner have joined a mysterious explorer named Kevin Sohn on a dirigible that is traveling to France. Their mission is to discover what Mary was up to in the days leading to her disappearance.

Elsewhere, Robert Best is on his way to unite a group of misfits known as the Unforgivables. As you may recall, Robert is an Alumni with Pixar University, the same organization that Alec Azam worked for. Now that he’s up against supers, he and his partner Rey (also known as Mirage) must now rely on these “Unforgivables” to help them track down and defeat Kevin Sohn, who they refer to as “the poacher.”

Of course, Dark Sadie and Dark Logan, the brainwashed supers controlled by BnL, are still hunting Stevin and his friends. Will they ever catch up in time? Find out!

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Thanks for reading! What did you think of Chapter 23?


24 thoughts

      1. They are not “clones.” Dark Sadie and Dark Logan are the original Sadie and Logan, just chipped by BnL to serve them. The “good” Sadie with Stevin was rescued before getting chipped, so that’s why there are two of them. “Good” Logan is with Cara and the Tank Gang in Gnome back in the future. At the end of Chapter 20, Cara and her team resolve to stay with Willem in order to stop Shelby Forthright.

        Rey isn’t Daisy. Logan is. Her full name is Daisy Logan Parr.


    1. For Now Conspiring, I use Google Drive to create drawings and do simple images with text. There’s also Pixlr, which has a lot of different options and is totally free.


  1. And flip tables i did Jon. I wonder if the Island where Mary and Mary are is the same Nomanisan Island? and if so, and thats where the magic tree is located, could that be the reason Syndrome picked that location for his layer?


  2. I did not see that coming, great job on the chapter. I did notice that the witch calls herself Belle, probably named after Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” because in Monsters Inc. In the bathroom scean Boo is singing a song from the movie, but you can’t understand it. Also one question, is the Dark Sadie going after the Spirit of Adventure or going to Paris to meet the group?


    1. Nice work on the Belle connection! I wasn’t sure anyone was going to get that. Dark Sadie was going after the group traveling in the Spirit in Adventure if that’s what you’re asking.


  3. Whoa. I repeat, whoa. We find the Underminer’ s son, a couple other things happen, and, oh yes, SADIE THROWS HER SELF OUT OF A PLANE AND EXPLODES!!!!
    Not bad for Chapter 23.
    I hope Sadie’ s all right.


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