Furious 7, Pop Culture State of the Union

furious 7

Hey listeners, we have a podcast episode this week unlike any we’ve ever done before. It’s a little longer, but that’s because in addition to our chat about Furious 7 and the Fast/Furious franchise in general, we had a bit of a Pop Culture State of the Union.

What’s that? Oh, well really it’s us just catching up on everything that’s been piling up in the news surrounding new shows and movies coming out soon, along with updates on shows and movies we never saw coming. Enjoy!

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Question of the Week: What’s your favorite The Fast and the Furious movie?

Song of the Week: “Mile High” by Brooklynn

Other music you heard during this episode:

“Take Me Home, Country Roads” — John Denver

“When It’s Over” — Wild Belle

“I’ll Be There For You” — The Rembrandts

“Hey Beautiful (Barney Version)” — Neil Patrick Harris

“The Office Theme” — Michael Scott Fan Club

“The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie” — Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Nine in the Afternoon” — Panic! At the Disco


10 thoughts on “Furious 7, Pop Culture State of the Union

  1. I don’t know why, but Tokyo Drift is probably my favorite, next to Fast and Furious 6.

    • Tokyo Drift is a strangely charming movie. And it doesn’t deserve our praise, but it gets it.

  2. My Netflix recommendation is Christopher Nolan’s ‘Following.’ Also, I wasn’t a huge fan of the spliced-in audio. It didn’t really add anything for me and was distracting.

    • Personally, I liked the audio a lot, especially later in the episode when they were talking about the office and stuff.

    • Still working out the kinds, Sam. We might do fewer next week so you only hear audio when it helps and we’re talking about something confusing.

  3. My favorite is Fast 5. It was such a surprising hit for the fanchise, and that final scene…

  4. The Fast and The Furious (1st one) is best for me. Last movies lost what they had in beggining, there is no tunning and such a racing, now is crime, robbing and etc important, bull***t! That isn’t the lovely F&F..but I can’t say, I still love them.

    • I think that was for the best, though. They could never replicate the first movie, so they had to do something different. Otherwise, the movies would be way too stale.

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