Anyone Else Getting Sick of Deadpool?


I forget where I read it first (it was probably a Tweet), but yes, Deadpool (Fox’s apology movie for the popular anti-hero being butchered in X-Men Origins: Wolverine) will be rated “R.”

I’m glad, but the way this news was delivered via a crass video and the subsequent Ryan Reynolds Tweet just all seem a bit…much to me. I’m not complaining because Fox is literally giving the fans everything they want. And I really want to sit down and watch a good movie about Deadpool (especially with the Zombieland writers behind it).

I just sort of wish I wasn’t getting sick of it so early. As much as I love the comics, Deadpool is a character I can only handle in small doses. Yes, he’s funny and unpredictable, but that inane wackiness gets old after a while. For the same reason Zombieland doesn’t provide a complete escape from truth and believability (though it goes pretty far), I don’t want to be immersed out of Deadpool because it’s so scared of disappointing fans.

But that’s just me.


9 thoughts

  1. No offense man, but I don’t think anybody else is getting sick of Deadpool.
    And after the terrible Deadpool of X-men Origins: Wolverine, we deserve even more than this.

    (Really, don’t take my comment as an offense or anything.)


  2. I’m definitely sick of Deadpool. I’ve never really found his objectification of women and obsession with sex to be funny or entertaining in any way at all


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