Fan Theories We Actually Don’t Hate

fan theories

On this special episode of the Now Conspiring podcast, we talk fan theories. Mainly, the ones we totally believe should be real. They’re all pretty solid except for mine.

We also review Divergent Series: Insurgent and cover some fun trivia surrounding the film. Stick around for our Netflix Recommendation of the Week, and we finish the show with new Movie Releases we’re looking forward to this upcoming weekend.

Question of the Week: Which fan theory did you like the most from this week’s show?

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8 thoughts on “Fan Theories We Actually Don’t Hate

  1. I loved all these theories, but the Hunger Games one is definitely the best/craziest.

    • I’m waiting for Jon to flesh it out more before I subscribe…Maria’s is the best, I think.

      • Don’t worry, he’s getting there. He’s not aloud out of the attic until he’s done. And Maria’s is absolutely intriguing! Anything Joker related is #1 in my book.

  2. The book movie one only works if you can factor in ALL YA novels, like Twilight, Eragon, Percy Jackson, and whatnot.

  3. I love the Ant-Man theory! Seriously my mind is blown, I’ll be so angry if marvel isn’t really doing this…

  4. My Netflix recommendation is Christopher Nolan’s “Following”

  5. I thought all the theories were cool. Id like to know more about Adonis’s, I think he may be on to something suggesting that Ant-Man is pre-Ultron in the MCU timeline. Also the Joker theory is cool, definitely a new take on the character.

  6. YES!!! Go do video games!! Do it now!!!!

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