‘Deadpool’ Will Start Shooting This Week


From Jay Jason at Comicbook.com:

…filming is set to begin this week on Deadpool for Morena (Baccarin) and star Ryan Reynolds. The latter recently took part in an official photoshoot for the film. Seems like we’ll get an official look at him as the Merc With A Mouth some point soon.

I’m still pleasantly surprised that Inara—er—Morena Baccarin will be in this. I’ve assumed up to this point that she will be playing Domino (how could she not?), even though the character never appears in the leaked script according to what I’ve been told by people brave enough to read it. Another great guess is that she will play Copycat.

As for Reynolds, he’s already been hyping this latest movie, calling it “great for Green Lantern haters” in passing. The movie doesn’t come out for another 11 months, but it’s already more interesting than half of what Marvel is working on this year (so, Ant-Man, basically).

Here’s to hoping something Deadpool-related happens at Comic-Con.

8 thoughts on “‘Deadpool’ Will Start Shooting This Week

  1. She looks spot on for Domino.

    • Agreed. Copycat wouldn’t make any sense in the first movie.

      • In a way, Domino wouldn’t either unless they diverged greatly from the source material.

  2. Ryan’s last good movie (I think) was “The Voices.” But before that, the guy’s been having a pretty rough decade. RIPD was awful. Buried was the only decent movie he’s come out with in like 5 years if you ask me. Guy needs this.

    • RIPD was a spectacular mess. Worst CGI I’ve seen make it to the big screen since the early 2000s.

  3. Hey 🙂 I know that you’ve been waiting for the English version of “Why Disney never had subliminal messages”.
    I’m sorry this took me some time, but it’s finally ready: I posted it
    Hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

  4. I think she could be Copycat as Vanessa, which would make sense.

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