What is the Best Will Smith Movie? (Podcast)

best will smith movie

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Hey conspirers! This week on the show, we review Will Smith’s latest movie, Focus. But we also discuss our favorite Will Smith movies and quiz each other on some new trivia for the movie.

So our question of the week is pretty simple! What is the best Will Smith movie in your opinion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

In our new segment, TWIL (this week I learned), we each bring our own news story in the world of entertainment that you might find pretty interesting. Links below.

As always, we serve up our Netflix Recommendation of the Week and finish the show with movie releases for this coming weekend.

Enjoy the show, and be sure to rate the show and subscribe on iTunes! We always appreciate your awesomeness.

Cool things we mentioned:

Mary Poppins sings Death Metal

Leonard Nimoy’s amazing, final Tweet (RIP)

Ducktales is coming back. On Netflix. Seriously.

Song of the week:

Young Chasers by Circa Waves. Their new album, T-Shirt Weather, has just been released!


9 thoughts

  1. That’s so awesome that I submitted the first review! My heart was racing while you read it, and it is my current favorite moment in my life ever. Subject to change.


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