What Happened To High School Teen Comedies?

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With high school comedy The DUFF releasing this weekend, the Now Conspiring podcast team thought it would be useful to discuss how the whimsical teen comedies we love from the 80s and 90s basically went instinct as we entered the early 2000s.

There’s a conspiracy afoot.

We have a special guest this week! Luis Rodriguez joined us this week to discuss his experience at the Hot Tub Time Machine 2 world premiere, and of course a review. We also review The DUFF and chat about McFarland USA briefly.

Later in the show, we discuss our personal picks for the Oscars, including a lengthy discussion about Aquaman’s new look as released this week for the Justice League movies. Also, what is the hidden meaning behind “Unite the Seven?” Theories!

Stick around for our Netflix Recommendation of the Week, as well as our preview of the new movies coming out this weekend that you should check out.

That song you hear during the top of the show is Passion Pit’s latest single, “Lifted Up (1985).” Their new album, Kindred, comes out April 21st.

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Cool Things We Mentioned:

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Luis’s Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Reviewhttps://jonnegroni.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/duff.m4a

10 thoughts on “What Happened To High School Teen Comedies?

  1. Personally I’m glad Hollywood accepted that we’re sick of these movies. Also, aqua man looks LEGIT.

    • Does he though? Sorry I can get over the trident thing…

      • Maybe it’s not the trident given to him by Triton? It could just be his preliminary weapon.

  2. I am interested in Pixar related stuff. Speaking of which, I think Part 2 will be released tomorrow. If it does, then I may not be able to comment right away because of a freak schedule change that forces me to be in school until 5.

    Anyway, my Wattpad account is coming next week, and I am working really hard on the spinoff.

    • I think you’re commenting on the wrong post. This isn’t one of the pixar articles.

      • I need it to be in the most recent articles so that the most amount of people can see it. I am an attention hog to be honest with you.

  3. I think you meant “extinct” and not “instinct” in the first sentence. The English nerd in me just couldn’t resist saying something.

  4. I think the genre has been a victim of its success. The reason people (teenagers) loved films like Fast Times and the John Hughes stuff is because it showed teenagers talking and acting realistically for the first time. The 90s ran with that and made it more debauched, and it meant that by the time the 00s came around, teenagers had a whole massive range of films they could watch and relate to. Any filmmaker thinking ‘let’s show teenagers as they truly are’ wouldn’t have been able to come up with an original film, hence high school movies morphed into the more wacky ones you mention.

    Great podcast btw, first one I have listened to and I will be listening again!

  5. Please please please do a Justice League Episode! Or even just a DC episode, that would be cool too. Also the “Unite The 7” could be a reference toward the Aquaman storyline, I don’t know a ton about Aquaman but that is one of the rumors circulating. Love the show you guys do a awesome job every week

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