5 Compelling Reasons Why We Need Tobey Maguire To Return As Spider-Man

Spider-Man 2 is my favorite superhero film of all time. Anyone who’s been within earshot of me during any conversation about cinema in general should know this. I say it loud and unapologetically.

And it’s not only because Tobey Maguire will always be my default live-action version of Spider-Man (though that’s true too). It’s also because of Sam Raimi, and his distinct vision for Peter Parker.

tobey maguire spider-man

I hated the first Amazing Spider-Man, and I only barely liked The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Again, this actually has little to do with who was wearing the mask (most people agree that Andrew Garfield was at least fine, if not great in the role).

These movies just lacked the same depth and quality that we got with the first two Spider-Man movies in 2002 and 2004. And with Tobey Maguire getting on in years, it seemed like a great idea to just reboot the whole thing just five years after the disastrous Spider-Man 3.

tobey maguire spider-man

And now we have a new Spider-Man reboot on the horizon. Marvel and Sony have officially struck a deal to share the same version of this character within both Marvel and Sony’s cinematic universes.

It’s exciting news, but it also means Andrew Garfield is almost certainly done with the role, and we have to start all over again. Again.

I would have liked to keep Andrew Garfield in the mix, and there’s still a slim chance he might. But I would much rather we come back to Tobey Maguire, and here’s why.

1. It would be more faithful to “Civil War.”

tobey maguire spider-man

For what Marvel wants to use Spider-Man for, bringing Tobey Maguire back is actually perfect. Amidst reports that Marvel and Sony want to keep Spider-Man in high school, fans who actually read comics are getting frustrated.

We’ve experienced high school Peter twice now (seriously, I can’t handle Uncle Ben dying again), and Marvel is planning to debut the character in Captain AmericaCivil War.

One of the biggest reasons Marvel is bothering to make this deal (which they’re reportedly getting little financial value from) has to do with the fact that “Civil War” makes little sense without Peter Parker and Spider-Man.

Spider-Man’s role in “Civil War” is key because he’s the relatable center of conflict stuck between two people he respects. Its through Peter that we’re able to feel the real struggle between Captain America and Iron Man during their spat over privacy, a theme Marvel has been carefully building up with Phase II of the MCU.

And in “Civil War” (the comics version), Peter Parker isn’t in high school. He’s not even in college. He’s a high school science teacher years after first becoming the webhead.

That may seem like a little detail Marvel can just ignore, but it robs the story of a lot of the impact gained from when Spider-Man famously unmasked himself in public in order to support the Superhero Registration Act (and Tony Stark). But we’ll get to that later.

2. We haven’t finished Sam Raimi’s story. 

tobey maguire spider-man

Spider-Man 3 ended with the death of Harry Osborne, but we have no idea what truly became of Peter. He might have married Mary Jane, and the death of his friend could have prompted him to hang up his mask for a while.

This would explain his absence during the Battle of New York in The Avengers, which could then explain why he’d consider becoming Spider-Man again.

It could be during this time that he gains the attention of the Avengers during the prelude to Civil War, eventually leading to his famous unmasking to a public that’s known him as Spider-Man for years.

If they reboot the franchise again, then this moment won’t be nearly as powerful. Any new Spider-Man they throw in there will just be yet another actor we’re not used to.

How are we supposed to believe that the public cares about this Spider-Man if he hasn’t really been around much? Marvel could make it work because they’re Marvel, but it would be a missed opportunity.

3. The unmasking would be way more epic. 

tobey maguire spider-man

Can you imagine if the guy taking off his mask was Tobey Maguire, the guy who’s been Spider-Man in most of our heads for the last 13 years? And think about the impact of having JK Simmons reprise his role as J. Jonah Jameson and witnessing this from his office at the Daily Bugle. It’s just perfect.

And it even works within the Sam Raimi timeline because Maguire could easily be a science teacher by now. Unlike a new Spider-Man or bringing in Garfield, it actually fits.

Of course, this would sort of work for Garfield, too, but it still doesn’t fit quite as well. Unlike Garfield, Tobey’s Spider-Man is the Sam Raimi version. He’s the guy we’ve actually seen a consistent, compelling story arc with.

4. Tobey Maguire is a better Peter Parker than Andrew Garfield.

tobey maguire spider-man

Garfield did a great job, and he brought a faithful take to the character that Tobey could learn from. But Garfield was better at being Spider-Man than than being Peter Parker.

In contrast, Tobey Maguire nailed the character of Peter Parker. He was a lovable weirdo who never seemed comfortable in his own skin, unless he had the mask on. Garfield, by comparison, was never a believable outcast.

He spent most of his time charming Gwen Stacey and investigating something about his parents, or something. With Garfield, I just didn’t connect with him as Peter in the way I did with Maguire, which is a shame because, again, I had a great time watching him as Spider-Man.

5. Sony could still keep Garfield.

tobey maguire spider-man

Rumor has it Sony still wants to do Sinister Six and Venom. So my conspiracy theory of the week is that we could also see The Amazing Spider-Man 3 with Andrew Garfield still doing his thing, while Tobey returns to the fold with Marvel. Everyone wins, pretty much.

But this is less likely to happen if Sony invests in yet another reboot. While many fans probably won’t like this idea, I think it would be great fodder for the “multiverse” dimensions and realities we’ve been waiting for Marvel, Sony, and Fox to dole out with their scattered characters.

Before I go, I do want to point out that yes, I think it would be interesting to bring on Miles Morales, the half black, half latino version of Spider-Man from the Ultimate storyline.

tobey maguire spider-man

He’s a great character and would work great in his own movie, but I don’t think this is the right time and place for his story. If anything, it would make more sense to introduce him into the world already established by Marc Webb and Avi Arad.

Also, as big a fan as I am of Donald Glover, he’s just way too old at this point to be Miles Morales. Maybe in a different timeline, that’s not the case.

What do YOU think? Should Tobey stay or should he go?

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125 thoughts on “5 Compelling Reasons Why We Need Tobey Maguire To Return As Spider-Man

  1. Yes! Bring back tobey!

    • Yes we want tobey…yes we want from manila Philippines..

  2. He should stay!! we want him back

  3. He should totally stayyyyyy. I miss him D’x

  4. Mantap gan, ane dari dulu pengen banget nonton spiderman 4, tapi gak ada2… Kalo cuman liat spiderman 3 aja ceritanya jadi nggantung

  5. Yes I agree on Tobey Maguire coming back as Spiderman.
    Andrew Garfield……pfffff don’t know about him I think he was great in “the social Network” movie. He could play….”Plasticman”

  6. Bring him back..! We love tobey..!

  7. The two first movies directed by Raimi are great classic superhero movies, on the same level Superman movies directed by Christopher Reeve. The third movie directed by Raim is not so good, but I think is still better than the two bombs , the ASM movies. I really hate Andrew Garfield’s acting as Spiderman and the villians in the Raimi’s movies are light years better than the villains in ASM movies.
    The ASM movies are to fans of Brian Michael Bendis and the Ultimate Marvel Universe. The Raimi’s movies are to the fans of old Classic comics drawn by John Romita Senior.

  8. Yes i too think tobey mcguire should be back as he is the only spiderman i could think of. Andrew garfeild didnt fit the reason being superhero is of some responsibilities. He just showed off and made fun of his powers killing his girlfriend. Tobey was a sincire and a lover that all want and being spiderman he was a role model. Thats the beauty of a superhero. Moreover i dont understand that whats with the web slinger machine. If someone gets spider powers should he have features like that of a spider of having web in his own. Why everybody could make it and be spiderman with a web machine. Love tobey he should be back.fans shout and stand for it. Make it happen.Act now

    • it’s not web machine,he uses web shooters so he can shoot web in one direction,if he’s not using then web goes in all directions. did u even watched the movie ?

      • U mean when he put his finger over the Web shooter to make it go in different directions

  9. Toby is the best spiderman in my opinion. I didnt bother to watch the new version as i connected with toby’s peter parker character for spiderman. I totally agree with the above analysis.

  10. Tobey should definitely come back.


  12. if they would have brought back tobey as spiderman in this new avengers movie despite his age, this new avengers movie would be the biggest 2016 movie blockbuster and possibly rival the original avengers movie in ticket sales if tobey was the spiderman, unfortunately they took a different route with this new spiderman being in the avengers movie.

    • I completely agree!!!!

  13. I wnt tobey maguire than andrew garfield cause andrew said he will not be spiderman and change to tom holland

  14. We are huge fans of the Spider-man trilogy with Tobey McGuire. We hated the amazing spider-man movies because we were so used to it being Tobey. The Civil War movie isn’t going to be worth watching if it is someone else. And who cares if To eye is a little older? He still looks the same. I agree that if they brought him back, that it would be a hit!

  15. Pls bring back Tobey Maguire. I really miss him. The best spiderman of the franchise he is.

  16. Please bring back Tobey mature as spider-man I miss him he is the best spider-man in the francise

  17. Tobey is better peter parker than garfield.pls,bring back#tobeyMaguire.#Wewanttobeymaguire.

  18. WHO IS TOM HOLLAND? I won’t see the next spider-man movie.Why tobey is absence?…..!

  19. if Tobey megure is not in yhe spiderman movie than Movie is useless. cos nobody can be better than Tobey megure for spiderman movies. i love him, i love him, we love him. please Tobey megure, come back. we wanna see you in the Spiderman movie. you’re only for the Spiderman movie. please come.
    from Kolkata, India

  20. tobey tobey tobey……… we love you please come back…….we miss you

  21. Famous spider man is tobey only tobey tobey pleasss come..pleasss

  22. Yes definitely, my father and my brothers like The Amazing Spiderman movies and have asked me twice to watch it with and both times I said “No, I’m not going to watch any Spiderman movies if Tobey Maguire isn’t playing Spiderman” in my opinion Tobey is the only one who can play Spiderman and is the one true Spiderman


  24. Oh man I really want Tobey Maguire to be in spiderman 4

    • Is there any chance there will be a spiderman 4 with tobey(as spiderman)?

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