Will ‘Fantastic Four’ Share a Universe with’ X-Men?’

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This was an exciting week for the Now Conspiring crew! Maria is off at Sundance watching cool movies, so Adonis and I flew solo. I talked about checking out the teaser a day early at the Fox lot in LA, and Adonis shared what it was like to visit the red carpet premiere for Project Almanac.

Of course, we review the teaser and movie. We talk about the not-so-successful opening weekend for The Loft and Black or White. Stick around for our Movie News segment, where we talk about the latest Marvel casting announcements. And of course, the Netflix Recommendation of the Week will be right after.

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Cool things we mentioned:

Marvel’s next super-heroine has been cast!

One of the villains for Captain America: Civil War has been confirmed!

Adonis’s trip the Project Almanac red carpet premiere (with pics!)

Question of the week:

3 thoughts on “Will ‘Fantastic Four’ Share a Universe with’ X-Men?’

  1. I agree with Adonis. They may leave it open, but Fox won’t risk or even hint it until the second one.

  2. Epic show as always guys! It was weird without Maria though…

    She better tell us all about Sundance next week!!

  3. Hi, there’s audio only in the left speaker (voice), the music is ok.

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