We Finally Know What ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’ Will Be About (Sort of)

pirates caribbean 5

Sandy Schaefer | Screenrant:

Johnny Depp is, of course, reprising as pirate Jack Sparrow, while Orlando Bloom says he’s been approached to return to the Pirates franchise for Dead Men Tell No Tales, as part of a story that would revolve around his character, Will Turner, and Will’s son. Actor Brenton Thwaites (The Giver), who is playing the movie’s young male lead (who may or may not be Will’s son), has now shed a little more light on that matter.

Another recent development is that Kaya Scodelario (that one girl in Maze Runner and Effy from Skins) has been cast for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

If the movie really does feature Will Turner/Davy Jones’s son, then it will obviously be hard to tell the story without even a glimpse of him, but I suppose it’s possible. Plus, a return to the franchise’s roots is certainly best.

Pirates has always been best when mismatching Jack Sparrow with a straight man like Turner, so his son is the next best thing for now.

10 thoughts on “We Finally Know What ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’ Will Be About (Sort of)

  1. Strangely, I liked the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It wasn’t amazing, but it was way better than the mess we got with World’s End.

  2. That plot doesn’t make sense. If Will’s son is in this, won’t that make Jack Sparrow hella old?

    • It would take place some 20 years after the current four, as the Worlds End time skip goes ahead 10 years. Don’t know how old Jack was in on stranger tides so I can’t answer that

  3. I feel like I should take a stand and NOT watch POTC 5 given Johnny Depp’s insensitive character cut and paste job with The Lone Ranger. JOHNNY I FEEL LIKE YOU DONT CARE ABOUT ME ANY MORE. Hurt and confused. The most annoying part of this is that I WILL end up watching POTC 5 and loving it and hating myself for being an easy target. God damn you Disney, you cinematic temptress.

  4. Why, oh why are they doing this again? I used to love captain Jack Sparrow, but after the last movie…Jesus. It’s like Transformers sequels: Just make them stop!
    By the way, this one is to Michael Bay: You suck, sir. So much.

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