How to Make It as a Movie Writer

how to make it as a movie writer

Are you trying to make it as a movie writer? Are you trying to separate the great from the clickbait?

A movie writer, as you can imagine, is someone who writes about movies. Not to be confused with screenwriters, who are actually writing movies.

Anyway, on this special episode of the Now Conspiring podcast, Maria decided to take the reins as host and address what it takes to make it as someone who, well, writes about movies.

We’ll talk about tips, tricks, and little-known secrets to avoiding the most dreaded of article types: clickbait. 

And we’ll also discuss how we’ve gotten to where we are as bloggers, as well as all of the mistakes we’ve made along the way.

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[SIDE NOTE: The movie for the image above is James Franco playing Allen Ginsberg in 2010’s Howl. For whatever reason, he was the first person I thought of when putting this podcast together. Go figure.]

7 thoughts on “How to Make It as a Movie Writer

  1. To the extent that you’re interested in where various ideas appearing in a movie might have their sources / antecedents, it’s important to read much, of everything 🙂 For example, take a look at Audrey Niffenegger’s 2010 graphic novella, The Night Bookmobile . . . Which recent film does it bring to mind? (Hint: one word, scifi, begins with “I”)

  2. That was such a good podcast, guys! Jon, as someone who’s followed you since 2012, it’s been really cool to see you come so far. This is SUCH A GOOD discussion, especially when you started talking about clickbait. Now I may even consider dusting off the old typewriter app…

  3. Maria, you did an excellent job hosting 😉

    Cool episode guys. I enjoyed hearing Jon’s story and the tips were great.

  4. Well now I have to find this “worth watching” blog Jon was talking about!

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