‘The Interview’ Is Coming To Netflix Sooner Than You Think

the interview netflix

Seth Feigerman | Mashable:

Netflix is the latest company to offer up The Interview on demand. 

The online video service announced Tuesday that it will offer The Interview, which it dubbed “the controversial comedy,” to its subscribers in the United States and Canada for no additional charge starting on Jan. 24. Google Play, Xbox and Apple TV previously offered the movie for purchase after the movie was pulled from many theaters following threats from hackers.

That’s this weekend.

Glad I waited to watch this, then. From what I’ve heard, paying for this movie would have probably felt like a waste.


5 thoughts on “‘The Interview’ Is Coming To Netflix Sooner Than You Think

  1. I’m still not going to watch this piece of crap. Nothing in the trailers make it look good….

  2. I had thought about watching it but due to remarks Seth has made in the last week you couldn’t pay me to watch any of his movies free or not.

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