If Harry Potter Was a Teen Comedy

This is an old video, but I felt compelled to share anyway. It only uses scenes from Half-Blood Prince, which works nicely since that movie was pretty much already a teen comedy that happened to take place in Hogwarts.

More importantly, it’s incredible how different a trailer is depending on the music.

8 thoughts on “If Harry Potter Was a Teen Comedy

  1. Wow. They barely had to change the trailer itself, just add a rock score.

    • What I can’t discern is whether or not this is music from a 90s teen comedy or an early 2000s teen comedy.

  2. Luna Cooler up there said that this trailer could convince someone who knows nothing about Harry Potter that it is a teen comedy. I wondered if that was true, and showed my mother.
    She hit the roof. She knows I’ve watched all the movies, but, as she said, “thought they were harmless kid stuff”. As I’m only 12, she thinks I should be watching “appropriate things”, not teen comedies.
    Mom banned me from all Harry Potter movies, even the first one, which is fine. I protested, as I love the movies, and showed her the real trailer.
    After watching it, she promptly banned me from the books as well.
    Thanks, Luna! Her face was priceless!

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