The Pixar Detective: UPDATE

pixar detective

Hey faithful readers!

The Pixar Detective is on hiatus this week as Kayla and I recuperate from the holidays. As you know, these chapters take a lot of time to edit and prepare before going live, so our traveling has kept us from getting Chapter 19 perfect and ready this week.

So stick around for next Tuesday (January 6th) for the release of Chapter 19. And of course, Chapter 20 (the conclusion of Part 2) will still be released the week after on schedule.

So from all of us at Pixar Detective, Happy Holidays!

pixar detective

3 thoughts on “The Pixar Detective: UPDATE

  1. Sooooooooo cute of photos!! I love the one of Wallaby and Sadie. Happy New Year, Mr. Negroni!

  2. Happy New Year!
    PS I am going to put off some info on my spinoff until the next chapter is posted. (It will have characters involved)

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